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Biero seldom fails…and a black bear with a bike

and tonight is no exception. Had a few quiet beers at Biero this fine Friday evening with Jas, Seg and a slightly late Jugga. On my tasting list was a Mountain Goat (big foot stout I think), a Hargreaves Hill Russian Imperial Stout, a Feral Karma Citra Black IPA and a Meantime London Stout.

I think the boys struggled with the big stouts. Seg drank cider. I loved the blackness. Actually I have just attempted to recreate some of the black goodness by trying to blend a 50/50 pale ale dry/choc stout to have a crack at recreating the Karma Citra, or at least the flavor profile but the keg of pale ale blew so no go for that idea. Bugger.

Hang on you didn’t think I said big black bear did you? no I didn’t think so. Here’s a picture of one with a bike though. Bears like bikes, and big black beers I’m guessing. Kind of hard to tell since they don’t speak.

I texted Glen, brewer at Hargreaves Hill that I was drinking his Russian Imperial Stout (I added I enjoyed it, which I did) and he replied that I was drinking it way to young. I don’t disagree with him but that is the conundrum of the Australian beer scene. There are a bunch of beers that really need some age but who either can afford to or wants to sit on them? I know that the Red Hill Russian Imperial Stouts that I put in the back of the wardrobe for a year or two come out all the better for the time. But time is such a strange economic commodity. Worth so little if you are lying on the couch doing sweet fuck all. Worth so much if it’s a product you’ve paid for sitting on a shelf. The brewers know the beers need the time but have to pay the bills??

Still didn’t have a bad beer tonight. The one that stood out, perhaps for all the wrong reasons was the Meantime London Stout. So smooth, so understated, yet so enjoyable. Really nice beer I think I could drink a lot of. Had a kind of soft finnish to it. Nice work Biero.

Well that’s it for me tonight. Need to get that starter going and get some sleep. Early start, IPA’s to brew, and it all needs to be done in time to get back and do something for Saturday evening with Jacqui. Well that’s the plan at least.

Cheers D

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Friday = Beer o’clock = perhaps Biero

Its Friday and I have to go talk to a group about wild dogs. I know that as a productive member of the work force I should be working right through till 5 but I’d rather be having a beer.

My grain is ordered for tomorrows double brew day, Cosmic Tex Rebooted (had some issues figuring out the grain amounts, only had the % not the actual measurements) and an English style IPA, more to style than the Cosmic Tex Rebooted.

Anyway must focus on the dogs and doing some good lobbying.

Oh but there is a bunch of big bad black beers at Biero tonight. They are calling it Black Friday. I am calling it a hangover manufacture session. A really nice selection of Russian Imperial Stouts and Black IPA’s as listed below, none of which I’d recommend if your driving tonight. Looking at the list I really can’t pick a dud, all good choices. I’m keen to try the Hargreaves Hill and Bright interpretations of an RIS, but think I will be happy with whatever lands in my glass.

C’mon 5pm, and at only $10 a throw you can’t really go wrong (unless you are a non drinking vegan but then you wouldn’t have any mates to share a beer with). OK need to finnish work, drink some good beer, not too much, get home make up a yeast starter, get up early, pick up grain, drive, brew, brew, drive, then have a nice relaxing weekend. Its good not to have to rush things.

Cheers D

Good beer Week 3 or is that 4???

MICROMONDO IV SERIE#1Image by zagor64 via Flickr
I am not going to write anything of substance now, its about 10.40pm, I’ve just got home from Biero and have made myself a very dodgy burger. OK make that a toast and meat sandwich. It is good beer week though.

I was drinking good beer at Biero with assorted good people (and some scumbags). My good friends Nik and Dan were there, but more of note was Hendo. I drank some awesome Boon sour beers with Hendo, talked some shit and hugged more than once. The beer was good I must say, and included more than just the sours, I had great IPA’s, stouts. harvest beers etc. That’s what Biero is about. What was new was Hendo giving me an earful about being the best I could be. He was talking about me manning up and brewing for real instead of just dreaming (and writing about it). Perhaps he’s right. maybe not. I’m not certain yet, but I do want to make beer, just not at any cost. time will tell, Dazzapalooza first, next the world.

Cheers D

Oh and Biero was weird, there were hot chicks there? surly they weren’t there for the beer nerds? Perhaps its just for good beer week??

Tokyo apology

Location of Tokyo within JapanImage via Wikipedia
I am sad to have to tell you all (OK not very many of you) that I was wrong. Unlike Andres Bolt I am OK with saying when I have got it wrong, my research is off and I just have an unreal view on what is happening. I said there would be Brew Dog Tokyo on tap tonight at Bireo and there was not. Sorry if you went there expecting it and it wasn’t there. I know I was disappointed in myself.

However they still have a shite load of awesome beers on tap and Tokyo is on tap tomorrow night at a charity thing they are doing for the Tsunami in Japan. Go there. Drink. Give some cash to the people in Japan who got a hiding from the big wave.

As for beers other than Tokyo which you must drink, don’t have the Bling IPA it is an over satiating beer that is not what I want an IPA to be, they need to be a hoppy drinkable yet not gut busting beer. That’s just my opinion though. Still go there and drink. It is a good beer and a good cause. Have the Mornington IPA instead. Much more digestible.

Anyway drink beer, give money to charity and forgive those who blog not quite the most accurate info. dont forgive Andrew Bolt thought. He is a douche.

Cheers D

Danger – Biero has Brew Dog Tokyo on tap tonight!

Brew Dog Tokyo is an awesome beer. Biero $5 pint night is an awesome drinking experience. The two of them together is scary.

Why you ask – this is what Brew Dog say about Tokyo, an 18.2% ABV stout.
The irony of existentialism, the parody of being and the inherent contradictions of post-modernism, all so delicately conveyed by the blocky, pixelated arcade action have all been painstakingly recreated in this bottles contents.

This imperial stout is brewed with copious amounts of speciality malts, jasmine and cranberries. After fermentation we then dry-hop this killer stout with a bucketload of our favourite hops before carefully ageing the beer on French toasted oak chips.

It is all about moderation. Everything in moderation, including moderation itself. What logically follows is that you must, from time, have excess. This beer is for those times.

I love this beer, it is a triumph of modern brewing. And it does not taste like an 18.2% beer but it will kick peoples arse well and truly. I don’t know what they will charge, surely not $5 a pint. When it landed at Slowbeer a week or so ago the guy there didn’t know what to do with it. I wanted it on growlers but they would have been in the range of $90 ish a fill. Worth it I’d say but it would be a business risk so fair call to him.
Tokyo is an intensely complex beer that everyone who loves a stout should try but treat it more like a fortified or a spirit. This is a beer that is well suited to a winters evening by the fire after a big day drinking red wine. It will cut right through any big rich flavours that are hanging around in your mouth and set up camp in your taste buds. It will also, if over consumed result in you eating a burger shirtless like the Hoff. Bad Bad.
I always like to have a bottle in the fridge, but as I don’t I will have one at Biero tonight.
Cheers D

Vic Microbreweries Showcase

LONDON - JULY 14:   Abhin Galeya (C) and Amber...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
OK so I went to the showcase as discussed yesterday and can now report back that if you are heading to the Vic microbreweries showcase tomorrow night try the Cavalier Wizen, the Bright Raspberry Iambic or the IPA or Saison from Peninsular. The other usual suspects were also worth a go, but if you’ve been there before you’ll know them so I wont tell you how to suck eggs. I’m talking about the usual array of US styled beers – APA’s, a stout or two and some porters. Really nothing of note and as they say if you cant say something nice about someone say nothing at all. Therefore that will be all I say.

Other comments on the event (other than its good). Get there early to avoid ques, getting a pre booked ticket does nothing to help this. The food is rubbish, try the quiche type thing or the Spanish style rice thing. They seem better than the pie or hot dog options. Other than that drink up and dont leave any tickets unused. Then if your still going head to Biero!

Cheers D

Broken Pallet = Overdue Tastings

A tidy stack of pallets somewhere on Universit...Image via Wikipedia
This bloody cold/flu has dragged on for way too long now and aside for leaving me feeling crappy has stood in the way of some planned tastings. Don’t want to waste good beers on a dulled pallet. I did do exactly this at Biero on Friday just gone having a number of awesome beers including the Nogone Imperial Stout, a beer that can truly cut through a cold. I also had a reasonably serious hangover.

Some beer updates. The wedding beers are bottled, ready for labels and all good other than that. So far (touch wood) pretty happy with them. I sampled the Abbey Saison on Saturday, expecting the worst was pleasantly surprised. I think this one could age for a while. It was surprisingly un skanky, being a bit light on the saison character.

Anyway a real post will follow, off to the Far East this week (Gippsland not somewhere exotic) for work. Yea!.

Have a beer for me, pallet should be back by the time I am for the Jap and NZ beers in my fridge.

Cheers D


Female Ommatius Robber FlyImage by Thomas Shahan via Flickr
Someone from Poland is reading the shit out of my blog. No idea who you are Mr Polish dude (or dude-et) but thank you for your patronage, hope you’re not spam!

Wend to Biero last night, 2 beers turned into too many beers. I’m blaming Damien from Purvis, a most generous man who shared a deliciously fresh Racer No. 5 West Coast IPA with Nik and myself.

Didn’t get too far into the brew sculpture plans but I think I’m closer to an idea. A plan was hatched to brew a mega strong beer though, will have to progress that one with Nik.

Cheers D 

Time for a brew sculpture – suggestions??

Pipes and fittings made of stainless steel.Image via Wikipedia
Right now I brew (ok not very often) in what appears to be a series of buckets, eskies and keg cut down into a boiler. It mostly runs by gravity using benches in the woolshed kitchen and an esky, and I cart wort from the mash tun to the boil kettle in a plastic bucket. It is pretty ghetto but it does the job more than adequately, enough so that I have brewed some beers that received awards using this bustard arse system. This is more or less how I have been brewing for the past 4 years, bodgey balancing stuff, mainly using gravity.

Time to change I think and get something that I can refer to as a sculpture rather than the stuff I make beer with. This new system will also see me up the brew length, from about 30 to about 50 litres. This may get me to a higher level of brewing zen.

I have a march pump, a couple of stainless false bottoms, a plate chiller and a bunch of taps and fittings. Recently I purchased 3 60l stainless steel kegs from the Bridge Rd Brewers in Beechworth (cheers for picking them up Stu). These were on eBay and more or less a “shit I should buy them” type thing that has led to me thinking more about a brew sculpture. Now I have 3 60l vessels and 1 50l one. Three of these in some type of setup will be my new brew sculpture, the other will become a fermentor for buggy beers. Question is I can’t figure out what the best way to configure them is.

I don’t want to have to buy to much new stuff (within reason) and I’m not wanting to go all gravity as that will make the thing about 10 feet tall and not all that friendly to move. This leaves me thinking that it will be a 2 level system using the march pump to either move the sparge water or the wort out of the mash tun. Listening to a guy from Great Northern Brewing Co on the Brewing Network Sunday Session about his 3 story tallest building in town brewery has me still thinking that I would love a gravity system if not just for the simplicity.

There are a bunch of different configurations have a look at the sabco or morebeer websites. I like the look of the more beer tippy dumpy systems from more beer but the whole thing looks to get a touch tall. The sabco system is about the right height but I’m not sure I like the idea of pumping the wort out of the mash tun. I still like gravity and since its free and constant I figure its worth using.

Going single would level would need another pump, not sure I want to spend that cash. I think there will be $ spent on a digital temp controller for the hot liquor tank. Digital is much nicer than analogue. This will also test my welding skills that have been unused for a long time. That will be interesting.

Some of the planning will be no doubt happening tomorrow night at Biero where I will be drinking biero with Nik and Dan. There may well be a plan on a napkin. Actually there may well be a really shitty plan with a rather large spoiler and a chrome petrol cap drawn on a napkin.

So anyway ideas or suggestions are welcomed. This may be a long planning phase and a relatively simple build. Or not still I can’t figure out what I want as I’ve only ever brewed on my ghetto contraption that has moved from shelf to cupboard to esky to woolshed. Time for some brew sculpture bling.

Cheers D

PS – I’m having a pint of saison right now, done with the Grain and Grape pale ale fresh work kit, the Belgian saison yeast and 40g of Striesalspalt hops. Not bad, not excellent, but good for this hot weather and for a beer that was mainly made to grow yeast. Need to go now Californication is on soon, lets see what Hank can fuck up (or who he can fuck) tonight.