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I feel dirty…..Perverse Sexual Amalgum

I feel dirty.

It smells like a tart black forest cake. A little dirty.

Its black.

It tastes all tart, sour, and moorish.

It’s in my glass.

Its MoonDog’s Perverse Sexual Amalgum. This is a dark beer, fermented with witt yeast, brett, pedio and lacto, then aged in an oak with cherry plums. I love cherry plums. The beer is fairly light in body, tart and super drinkable. The dark malts give it that nice chocolate roasty flavor, the cherry plums give it the fruit and the bugs give the tartness. Put a dash of cream on it and you have a black forest cake. Its awesome.

What do the brewers say about it?

Funky, wild and tart.

Some things don’t seem right but you want them anyway. That quasi-erotic feeling you get when Charlton Heston makes out with Zira the chimp.

Sure, she reluctantly says “All right, but you’re so damned ugly….” But you know she’s into it. And as with all things a bit perverted, so are you.

This beer is released every now and then… And increased birth rates can be correlated to the releases. Coincidence? Probably.”

The label is also kind of awesome, bikini girl with a rooster head (a cock head perhaps?)

Yet again MoonDog this is a great beer. I think I need to get some oak barrels, if only the bastards werent so expensive. Ah well, if anyone knows where I can get some cheap (OK moderately priced) oak barrels let me know. Also if you want a desert like tart beer made right here in Melbourne, go track down some MoonDog Perverse Sexual Amalgam.

Cheers D





Monkey’s and floaties

On Friday a man walked into a shop and asked “do you have any monkey’s?”.

The shop lady asked “yes, we have one left”.

“I’ll take it” said the man.

And that’s how you buy a monkey*.

That man is now drinking a McGuava by Moon Dog.

That man is me.

I think I’ve written about one of the Moon Dog Mullet Series (haircut not fish, fish beers could be interesting though) beers before, I can not remember any of the details about it other than I liked it (or at least have favorable memories about it). This one has been sitting in my fridge for farm too long, and it’s probably past its prime, but it’s still a pretty good beer. It has floaties from hell though. When I first poured the beer it looked like a lava lamp. And it’s not like it had just been taken out of the boot of my car or something, its been in the fridge for months. I have no idea what the chunks are, I’m guessing that they are yeast and Guava clumped together, but for all I know its some new form of life starting off.

So whats the beer taste like? well not as sour or tart as I think a berlinervise should be. However, I’ve never actually had a berlinervise so I don’t really know. There is a little bit of tartness, but its more like a saison type beer, and the fruit adds a nice level of interest to it. It’s a good thing too, and I think I remember now that I thought the same of the other mullet beer.

That leaves me on a 100% strike rate with Moon Dog, keep it up boys. More mental beers please, as far as the Mullet series goes I have a request, a Garry “Budda” Hocking beer. He had an awesome curly mullet, no idea what fruit suits him, and no suggestion of a witty pun. Perhaps the “Budda” should have yack butter or chai spices?

No idea, but keep at it.

Cheers D

* The monkey was a pink and white stuffed monkey with green eyes that was a gift for my day old niece. Later on it was agreed that the monkey may be a creepy monkey, yet it was still quite cute. My niece however held over her comment on the monkey as she was only 1 day old at the time and had other things on her mind. I think she’ll like it 🙂

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peter piper’s pickled pepper purple peated ale = Yeastie Boys & MoonDog

So Yeastie Boys and Moondog have gotten together and made a beer. It’s another of those Good Beer Week beers. Good old GBW, more weird beers for me 🙂

So today I went to work, had a coffee and a little cake, did a bunch of work stuff, had a sandwich, read the paper, drank some tea, bunch more work, came home, went for a run, out ran a cyclist actually, cooked some dinner, had a home brewed saison (pretty damn good).

And now I’m drinking Peter Piper’s Pickled Pepper Purple Peated Ale.

It’s probably the most interesting thing I’ve done today. Bloody nice beer though. Its kind of a pale ale with a burnt backbone, but its kind of sweet. Its hopped with simcoe and something called “big banger”. I have no idea what big banger is but I’d like to think that they have thrown in a big burnt snag.

This beer is very drinkable, but this is for me, certainly not for everyone. The burnt peaty smoky background flavor sits really with the sweetness of this beer, but it also reminds me a little of a pale ale that I had get infected with brett a couple of years ago. That had a really distinctive burnt rubber flavor to it. Perhaps its a memory hops and smoke. Perhaps it is a bit of brett. I dont know, just know that I like this beer.

And now to the label, it has an elephant (Indian I think) in a suit smoking a pipe with what appears to be chillies in it. Perhaps there are chillies in this beer? maybe that’s the big banger? Buggered if I know.

Bring on next years GBW I say, more mental beers and collaborations!

Now go away, I want to enjoy this beer on my own. Well with the elephant actually.

Cheers D

MELON GIBSON and more how do I plan for GABS……..

Always a good start when you break a glass. And I think there might be a tiny bit of glass in my finger.

NO! There will be no signs of softness! The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular is this Saturday, must be hard and ready for GABS, a broken beer glass will not slow me.

Yesterday I pondered over how I should plan for GABS, its only days away. This also leads us to how should I plan for Good Beer Week, but that’s not really a concern for me right now, I’ve got a couple of events booked in, nothing special, and I have to go to Sydney for work and go to a Game of footy so my events will be limited. Really not impressed by the work bit, bastards.

Anyway to help me think further about GABS I’m having a beer that I think will espouse what GABS is about, Melon Gibson from Moon Dog. I’ve had McGuava from the same series, which I quite liked, this ones not to bad either. A simple beer, pillsner, raw wheat and wheat malt. Sounds like the malt bill from something I’d make at home. There’s water melon in the beer, can’t get much of that and some lacto. Thats the bit in this beer that’s familiar to me, and I’ve only just clicked at what it reminds me of. This beer has the faintest hint of a lambic or geuz. I think its meant to be of the berlinervise style (yea I spelt that wrong I think) but I dont really know the style so cant comment if they’ve hit it on the head or not. From what I’ve read about the style this isnt sour enough. It is however very drinkable. Simple and drinkable but with enough to keep the beer geek interested. It’s probably closer to a saison in my mind, but the mouth feel is different. All I could say is I’d perhaps like it bigger.

Love the beers these guys make, it’s just home-brew in bigger batches. Hats off to them I say. Looking forward to their beers on Saturday.

Now back to the plan, bugger it I don’t have one. If you are looking for one I suggest looking at Beer Bar Band: Good Beer Week Survival Guide it’s a little too planned and safe for my mind. Taking water, planning transport, take a pen and paper. This is drinking not a school excursion James! na actually he’s right and when I’m nursing a hangover on Sunday I’ll wish I’d paid more attention to his guide.

Ah I’m a fool.

Going to finish my Moon Dog Melon Gibson now (nice beer, did I mention that?) and find something to eat.

Cheers D


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2 Good Beers……

It was yet another long day in the office. Lots of random annoying stuff, meetings that annoyed, people who wanted stuff that didn’t make sense. Beer o’clock came way too late in the day. I actually went to the gym as an escape from the work, and I enjoyed it. Oh dear what is going on with me?

Well at least I havent changed too much. I had dinner with Mundy last night, a mate from uni. Mundy first studied geology, then archology but now works in some kind of food processing IT and lives in Italy but he is moving to london soon. This week he was doing work on a tortia factory in Northern Melbourne.

Having beers and a parma with Mundy was just like being back at uni.

Now to the 2 good beers from tonight, completly unrelated to last night. I ended up at Beer Delux with a colleague, havent been there for a while, it is a venue that always has the potential to present good beers but can fail. Tonight it delivered a couple of good’uns.

Mountain Goat Saison – reminded me of Saison Dupont, just as a saison should.

Black Lung from Dr’s Orders – black lager that tasted dirty and ashy and black, but in a good way. This is a very tasty beer, not one that should work though. But it does.

There was one other note worthy beer I had, one from Moon Dog called McGuava, I think it was a guava flavored berlinervise. I tasted the guava, got a hint of lacto on the nose but not quite enough on the taste, and otherwise just enjoyed the beer. It wasnt outstanding, but I did like it. Perhaps the idea of the beer more than the beer.  Good beer for thought.

Well that’ll do for now, I wont bore you with the beers that were not that good.

Have a good weekend, I think I will 🙂

Cheers D

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