Vic Microbreweries Showcase

LONDON - JULY 14:   Abhin Galeya (C) and Amber...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
OK so I went to the showcase as discussed yesterday and can now report back that if you are heading to the Vic microbreweries showcase tomorrow night try the Cavalier Wizen, the Bright Raspberry Iambic or the IPA or Saison from Peninsular. The other usual suspects were also worth a go, but if you’ve been there before you’ll know them so I wont tell you how to suck eggs. I’m talking about the usual array of US styled beers – APA’s, a stout or two and some porters. Really nothing of note and as they say if you cant say something nice about someone say nothing at all. Therefore that will be all I say.

Other comments on the event (other than its good). Get there early to avoid ques, getting a pre booked ticket does nothing to help this. The food is rubbish, try the quiche type thing or the Spanish style rice thing. They seem better than the pie or hot dog options. Other than that drink up and dont leave any tickets unused. Then if your still going head to Biero!

Cheers D


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