Good beer Week 3 or is that 4???

MICROMONDO IV SERIE#1Image by zagor64 via Flickr
I am not going to write anything of substance now, its about 10.40pm, I’ve just got home from Biero and have made myself a very dodgy burger. OK make that a toast and meat sandwich. It is good beer week though.

I was drinking good beer at Biero with assorted good people (and some scumbags). My good friends Nik and Dan were there, but more of note was Hendo. I drank some awesome Boon sour beers with Hendo, talked some shit and hugged more than once. The beer was good I must say, and included more than just the sours, I had great IPA’s, stouts. harvest beers etc. That’s what Biero is about. What was new was Hendo giving me an earful about being the best I could be. He was talking about me manning up and brewing for real instead of just dreaming (and writing about it). Perhaps he’s right. maybe not. I’m not certain yet, but I do want to make beer, just not at any cost. time will tell, Dazzapalooza first, next the world.

Cheers D

Oh and Biero was weird, there were hot chicks there? surly they weren’t there for the beer nerds? Perhaps its just for good beer week??


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