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Pudding Colour???

Being a fashion guru as I am I was somewhat taken back by the news of whats “In for Blokes” in todays Age newspaper. Among a list that covered pretty much everything except tracksuit pants and those hats with flaps that cover your ears (it’s on page 7 of the Age on 7/7/12) it list “Pudding colours”.

What the fuck are pudding colours?

wikipedia says that pudding is: Pudding most often refers to a dessert, but it can also be a savory dish.

In the United States, pudding characteristically[citation needed] denotes a sweet milk-based dessert similar in consistency to egg-based custards, instant custards, or a mousse, though it may also refer to other types such as bread and rice pudding.

In the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth countries[citation needed], pudding refers to rich, fairly homogeneous starch- or dairy-based desserts such as rice pudding and Christmas pudding, or, informally, any sweet dish after the main course. The word pudding in this context is also used as a synonym[citation needed] for the dessert course. The word is also used for savory dishes such as Yorkshire pudding, black pudding, suet pudding and steak and kidney pudding.

The word pudding is believed to come from the French boudin, originally from the Latin botellus, meaning “small sausage,” referring to encased meats used in Medieval European puddings.

Nowhere in that lot is a colour refered to. This leads me to think that this may be a choose your own adventure style colour (as wikipedia would never get it wrong) and that any desert (or small sausage if you take the french definition) can be the colour of pudding.

This brings me to the strange idea that if I go out and buy a passionfruit Pavlova or tirramisu coloured jumper the Age will attest that I am in fact wearing a Jumper that is “In for Blokes”.


Cheers D

PS – no I still don’t get it, but then again I don’t see how a whole range of foods became colours (with the exception of orange). This could be an actual sentence “oh I love how that terine hat matches your salmon shirt and plum pants”. Sad.


I hate umbrellas

OK so its going to rain in Melbourne today.

The following was taken from today’s Melbourne paper The Age, “Pause and pick up that umbrella as you leave home today.

Central Victoria is facing a day of drenching rain and possible  thunderstorms, starting in the west this morning and washing over the east by  this afternoon.

Parts of Melbourne are forecast to receive more than a month’s rain in one  day, while gale-force winds gusting up to 100km/h will buffet soggy coastal  areas”

Read more:

OK again so its raining, things might get a little wet. Thats alright with me, I dont mind the rain and the wet, it’s the bloody umbrellas that I hate.

Ban the umbrella I say. People get stupid and slow when they use them. They hog the footpath, walk slowly and seem to stop randomly when they come to shop awnings and doors to put their umbrellas down. In doing this they are slowing down other pedestrians who have the sense to walk with out the burden and public nuisance of the umbrella. Umbrellas are slowing down the Victorian  economy!

They are also a safety risk. When its raining I am in constant feel of loosing an eye to some fool with an umbrella. The spokes of the umbrella are always aimed at the eyes of unsuspecting pedestrians, while the owner of the umbrella hides from the environment. Ban them I say! as the saying goes “its all fun and games until someone looses an eye”

They are already banned at the footy, thankfully, now its time to get them off our streets. Buy a coat and walk faster you umbrella toting fools!

That will do for now.


Cheers D




This exercise thing

While I mostly write about beer, and have the occasional rant about what I generalise as “stuff”, a couple of times I’ve written about going to the gym, this exercise thing.

I’m lying on the couch right now feeling a little sore after going to the gym after work this evening. I’ll be a little sore tomorrow, not to bad. Apparently this is what happens when you get back into a routine of exercise. Now I wouldn’t say my routine is all that rigorous, its more opportune, I get there when I can.

This is probably not as often as I should but it has resulted in me not needing to go to the Osteo any more, and more recently people have actually commented that I’ve lost weight. I don’t actually think I’ve lost any weight, and certainly arent weighing myself regularly, I just think that some of flab may have become muscle, just a bit anyway.

I didn’t really have a goal when I started going to the gym (still don’t) other than getting fit. The best thing about going to the gym has been that I’ve remembered that I still can exercise. It seems that all those years of footy training went lost completely. I’m putting a fair lump of achieving this to my PT, Ebony. She may not look it but she is evil, that however has gotten me back on track to being fit.

Not a bad thing I say. If you’re a bit slack and thinking about restarting some kind of fitness get stuck into it. From my experience get someone to give you a hand, outsourcing is always a good idea.

Oh and it helps you claim that you have earned your beer 🙂

Cheers D



Excercise, a rant and a haircut

3 things today, very simple and no beer.

My getting back into exercise thing is working. And I’m enjoying it. I’m actually finding time in between being busy to get there and exercise despite having had what feels like a pretty full on month in the office. I’m loving the excuse to leave the office at lunch that is accepted by everyone rather than grabbing lunch and punching on at my desk. Why is it OK to go to the gym yet if you say “Oh I’m planning on having a leisurely lunch, sorry I don’t have time” people seem to get the shits? I don’t know but I’m liking it.

No great results to speak of yet, not really measuring anything, my weight, the weights I’m lifting, no times. I just feel better and actually can notice that my recovery is getting better and quicker, no more days of pain. No more talking it up though, I’ve got a personal training session tomorrow, no doubt I will be in pain afterwards. Might be a good pain though.

Now the rant. What is the fucking deal with the BP service stations halfway between Melbourne and Geelong? any time of the day there seems to be a massive line up for both the food (which isn’t worth queuing up for, I think I got food poisoning there from some dim sims some years ago traveling back from a game of footy) and the fuel. All the while this is happening staff seem to wander aimlessly and tills sit unattended. If only it wasnt convenient. This place should be a licence to print money yet is seems to be run by morons. IO am lost as to how they can be so ineficent?

And to the haircut. I really needed one, pretty much had a mullet, and not a trendy one, so I went to see my mate Jugga at Alpha Barbers on Hardware Lane in the Melbourne CBD. If you want a mullet he is the man to go see. Even if you want some other kind of haircut, I’d also recommend dropping in there for a trim. He is also getting married this weekend so he needs some business to pay for the wedding thing too, beers and honeymoons and stuff, so do your hair a favor and get a haircut you lout.

That will do, making myself a pizza now.

Cheers D

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Herbie Likes Spagetti Tribute

I like lots of things. Facebook has taught me this (OK probably not but I do use the like button a lot) and the things that I like often surprise me. Some time ago I discovered that I liked pretty much any TV show where you watched people doing things that make you think “I could do that”. Shows with building, cooking, fishing, driving trucks on ice, running an oil rig, cutting down trees with helicopters. the list goes on, but I digress. The stuff I like seem to be reflected in the stuff I follow on my blog. Funny that

One of these blogs is Herbie Likes Spaghetti. I think the title is some reference to a cat but basically its two people with a cat who cook things and take pictures. No not pictures, food porn. Good for them. Anyway the food looks good, they seem like nice people and I thought I was overdue for a tribute post (I’ve done one before, look it up, it was for Cooking Lager) So I have had a crack at their recipe for…

This is as it says a tribute, not the original. I switched out the Ostrich for Roo. Roo is better, I’m in Australia and I can get it at my local supermarket. I figure one rare game meat is as good as the next. I also switched out the greens for the green vegetables in my fridge. I stuck with the mushroom sauce but used white wine from the fridge instead.

And here is the result. Pretty bloody good I think although my photo is no food porn. The one thing I can add is that roo is bloody easy to over cook. This is something to do with the meat being so lean, just sear it then let it rest for a bit. And this leads me to my key recommendation for cooking roo, don’t over cook it!

I would also like to add that all the morons that try and talk down harvesting roos, or any other animals for meat should go and find something productive to do. As Homer Simpson said “you don’t make friends with salad” all you meat hating losers have fun on your own being all weak and anemic. Harvesting Roos is actually a good thing for the planet, low carbon footprint and all that. I’m sure even our Ranga PM would approve.

OK back on track, meat is good, Herbie Likes Spaghetti is good, and beer is good. I think there is something in that for all of us.

Cheers D

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