Friday = Beer o’clock = perhaps Biero

Its Friday and I have to go talk to a group about wild dogs. I know that as a productive member of the work force I should be working right through till 5 but I’d rather be having a beer.

My grain is ordered for tomorrows double brew day, Cosmic Tex Rebooted (had some issues figuring out the grain amounts, only had the % not the actual measurements) and an English style IPA, more to style than the Cosmic Tex Rebooted.

Anyway must focus on the dogs and doing some good lobbying.

Oh but there is a bunch of big bad black beers at Biero tonight. They are calling it Black Friday. I am calling it a hangover manufacture session. A really nice selection of Russian Imperial Stouts and Black IPA’s as listed below, none of which I’d recommend if your driving tonight. Looking at the list I really can’t pick a dud, all good choices. I’m keen to try the Hargreaves Hill and Bright interpretations of an RIS, but think I will be happy with whatever lands in my glass.

C’mon 5pm, and at only $10 a throw you can’t really go wrong (unless you are a non drinking vegan but then you wouldn’t have any mates to share a beer with). OK need to finnish work, drink some good beer, not too much, get home make up a yeast starter, get up early, pick up grain, drive, brew, brew, drive, then have a nice relaxing weekend. Its good not to have to rush things.

Cheers D


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