Broken Pallet = Overdue Tastings

A tidy stack of pallets somewhere on Universit...Image via Wikipedia
This bloody cold/flu has dragged on for way too long now and aside for leaving me feeling crappy has stood in the way of some planned tastings. Don’t want to waste good beers on a dulled pallet. I did do exactly this at Biero on Friday just gone having a number of awesome beers including the Nogone Imperial Stout, a beer that can truly cut through a cold. I also had a reasonably serious hangover.

Some beer updates. The wedding beers are bottled, ready for labels and all good other than that. So far (touch wood) pretty happy with them. I sampled the Abbey Saison on Saturday, expecting the worst was pleasantly surprised. I think this one could age for a while. It was surprisingly un skanky, being a bit light on the saison character.

Anyway a real post will follow, off to the Far East this week (Gippsland not somewhere exotic) for work. Yea!.

Have a beer for me, pallet should be back by the time I am for the Jap and NZ beers in my fridge.

Cheers D


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