Tokyo apology

Location of Tokyo within JapanImage via Wikipedia
I am sad to have to tell you all (OK not very many of you) that I was wrong. Unlike Andres Bolt I am OK with saying when I have got it wrong, my research is off and I just have an unreal view on what is happening. I said there would be Brew Dog Tokyo on tap tonight at Bireo and there was not. Sorry if you went there expecting it and it wasn’t there. I know I was disappointed in myself.

However they still have a shite load of awesome beers on tap and Tokyo is on tap tomorrow night at a charity thing they are doing for the Tsunami in Japan. Go there. Drink. Give some cash to the people in Japan who got a hiding from the big wave.

As for beers other than Tokyo which you must drink, don’t have the Bling IPA it is an over satiating beer that is not what I want an IPA to be, they need to be a hoppy drinkable yet not gut busting beer. That’s just my opinion though. Still go there and drink. It is a good beer and a good cause. Have the Mornington IPA instead. Much more digestible.

Anyway drink beer, give money to charity and forgive those who blog not quite the most accurate info. dont forgive Andrew Bolt thought. He is a douche.

Cheers D


6 thoughts on “Tokyo apology

  1. Darren says:

    your comments give you awat anonymous, and yes perhaps you are on the money

  2. jayelde says:

    Big call on the Bling! I don't agree with you…because it is not a "to style" beer.Bling is a brewed as a unique twist on IPA, influenced by American IPAs, which is supposed to hit you with a real zing…hence the "Bling" name.Bling is a unqiue brew in the Australian beer landscape and tends to divide the beer community both ways…with those who love it and those who hate it.It is a beer that needs to be taken on it's own merits. That's the thing I love about craft beer…it can be so diverse, and innovative. The brewer wasn't using a style guide here…he was crafting a beer to our senses…which will work for some people and not for others.Sure, I also found Bling a challenge on my first taste of it…but it has really grown on my and I love it for when I'm seeking a drinkable hop hit. I'd still neevr drink a whole pint of it at once…but I enjoy coming back to it in bottles.

  3. jayelde says:

    …I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't tell people not to try a beer based on your own tastes.Bling is definitely a beer worth trying.Drink it, consider it, think about what the brewer was seeking to achieve with it and pass judgement…but don't shut people out from experiencing it…because everyone has differnet tastes when it comes to beer! And that's something worth celebrating.

  4. Darren says:

    Fair point, I might have gone overboard on the dont drink Bling thing, of the beers on tap I still think the Mornington IPA is a better beer. I've had plenty of bling in the past, for some reason the batch last night didnt seem to have the hops I expected from it, and I really think you should be able to drink a pint without feeling that satiated bloated thing.To many IPA's get stuck on banging in a bunch of sewwtness and not letting the hops shine.Perhaps I should have said have some Bling, but not a pint, only a pot?BTW the Bridge Rd wizen Dunkle was excellent.

  5. jayelde says:

    That's it! Tell us why it's not good…as you have done just there.Now I can see why it might not be worth drinking…and can see if I get the same thing next time I drink it…rather than just being influenced to say away from it altogether. :PGood work. Cheers!

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