This exercise thing

While I mostly write about beer, and have the occasional rant about what I generalise as “stuff”, a couple of times I’ve written about going to the gym, this exercise thing.

I’m lying on the couch right now feeling a little sore after going to the gym after work this evening. I’ll be a little sore tomorrow, not to bad. Apparently this is what happens when you get back into a routine of exercise. Now I wouldn’t say my routine is all that rigorous, its more opportune, I get there when I can.

This is probably not as often as I should but it has resulted in me not needing to go to the Osteo any more, and more recently people have actually commented that I’ve lost weight. I don’t actually think I’ve lost any weight, and certainly arent weighing myself regularly, I just think that some of flab may have become muscle, just a bit anyway.

I didn’t really have a goal when I started going to the gym (still don’t) other than getting fit. The best thing about going to the gym has been that I’ve remembered that I still can exercise. It seems that all those years of footy training went lost completely. I’m putting a fair lump of achieving this to my PT, Ebony. She may not look it but she is evil, that however has gotten me back on track to being fit.

Not a bad thing I say. If you’re a bit slack and thinking about restarting some kind of fitness get stuck into it. From my experience get someone to give you a hand, outsourcing is always a good idea.

Oh and it helps you claim that you have earned your beer 🙂

Cheers D



2 thoughts on “This exercise thing

  1. rooboy35 says:

    Sounds like you’re in training in plenty of time for the half marathon!

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