Excercise, a rant and a haircut

3 things today, very simple and no beer.

My getting back into exercise thing is working. And I’m enjoying it. I’m actually finding time in between being busy to get there and exercise despite having had what feels like a pretty full on month in the office. I’m loving the excuse to leave the office at lunch that is accepted by everyone rather than grabbing lunch and punching on at my desk. Why is it OK to go to the gym yet if you say “Oh I’m planning on having a leisurely lunch, sorry I don’t have time” people seem to get the shits? I don’t know but I’m liking it.

No great results to speak of yet, not really measuring anything, my weight, the weights I’m lifting, no times. I just feel better and actually can notice that my recovery is getting better and quicker, no more days of pain. No more talking it up though, I’ve got a personal training session tomorrow, no doubt I will be in pain afterwards. Might be a good pain though.

Now the rant. What is the fucking deal with the BP service stations halfway between Melbourne and Geelong? any time of the day there seems to be a massive line up for both the food (which isn’t worth queuing up for, I think I got food poisoning there from some dim sims some years ago traveling back from a game of footy) and the fuel. All the while this is happening staff seem to wander aimlessly and tills sit unattended. If only it wasnt convenient. This place should be a licence to print money yet is seems to be run by morons. IO am lost as to how they can be so ineficent?

And to the haircut. I really needed one, pretty much had a mullet, and not a trendy one, so I went to see my mate Jugga at Alpha Barbers on Hardware Lane in the Melbourne CBD. If you want a mullet he is the man to go see. Even if you want some other kind of haircut, I’d also recommend dropping in there for a trim. He is also getting married this weekend so he needs some business to pay for the wedding thing too, beers and honeymoons and stuff, so do your hair a favor and get a haircut you lout.

That will do, making myself a pizza now.

Cheers D

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