Right now in my office every second conversation is about water, mainly the Murray Darling Basin. While important this is dreadfully dull. Go on click on the link, important but dull. Therefore I was glad to see a piece by Martyn Cornell about water that has nothing to do with the MDBA and is not at all dull (well at least not to me).

It’s a historical piece about water and beer, from the pre science era when the just figured things out rather than actually knowing what was happening. This is how we ended up with the regions being famous for a type of beer, they made a beer that suited the ingredients they had on hand, malt, hops, and you guessed it, water.

This is much more interesting than environmental flows and basin caps. Click here to read the post A short History of Water

There are some references to agriculture and its influence on brewing water, horses and cattle in ponds etc. but there is no reference to tank water, my current brewing water source. I have no idea of its mineral or organic content other than it sometimes contains mosquito larva. I also havent actually looked in the tank. Probably best not to as I’ve heard more than one story about finding dead possums and magpies. Still the water works fine for me and has produced beers that me, my friends and the odd beer judge have liked.

Anyway read Martyn’s post, not the MDBA plan.

Cheers D

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