something new in newport – The Junction Beer Hall and Wine Room

I was well overdue for a beer with my good friend Mr Dirk. He lives in Newport, I live just down the train track from Newport, and a new beer hall has just arrived in that part of the world. As I have been drinking there for the past few hours I wont try to get the name right. However if you want to know if you are there just make sure that you are close to Newport station, in a bar and paying above tote odds for beers. I still liked the beers though.

So WHAT DID WE DRINK , woa the caps lock just got stuck on

ok so beers – in order of consumption;

  • Cavalier Wizen – not bad, more of a clovy than fruity example of the style. Touch of a sour twang, nice beer but not a world beater
  • Two Birds Golden  – yea, as a mate said something I may have been into 5 years ago. Nothing I really want to try again, it had a funny burnt taste
  • Mountain Goat steam ale – a good stand bye, nuff said.
  • Bridge rd Nognone india saison – I liked it more than Dirk. Nice beer, but maybe a touch heavy.
  • Bling IPA  – will always still have one and enjoy it but I’ve had my say on this beer. Cant have more than one.
  • Kooinda Pale ale – Excellent is all I can say
  • Siera Nevada Pale Ale – Excellent also, perhaps a touch more excellent than the previous beer, not by much though.

So thats it, a bad slightly drunken review as I have a beer.

Go to bed the lot of you

Cheers D

PS – OK its morning now, the pub is the Junction in Newport (its big and white, right next to the Newport station) I think its called the Junction beer hall and wine room. I liked everything about the place, good but perhaps a touch expensive beer list and the pizza hit the spot but was not the best I’ve had in the west, could have been bigger too. Here is a link to see more about the Junction – they have done a better job of talking about the place than me – Junction Hotel

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