thinking beer…..

I’m taking 5 minutes out of work today to think about beer. I figure that I may as well write a few of these things down.

I’m thinking about brewing and how easy it is to make beer on a small-scale with relatively cheap equipment, yet how difficult, time-consuming and expensive it is to make that same beer and be able to sell it. I need to progress some started conversations on this one.

I’m thinking about how simple it is to make good quality, flavorsome beer that is not just the same as the one on the tap next to it, yet how few people actually crank these beers out. Do we need another flavorless light lager. No. There is a huge market for great lager’s in Australia (Red Hill makes an excellent one) but so few beers fit this bill.

I’m thinking I need to brew more beer. So many beer ideas in my head, hops in my freezer, grain in the barn (well not wheat at the moment as the mice got into it). I need to brew a bunch of saisons (hoppy, buggy, malty, and yes one with rye Dan) and a sour beer or two. All the bits are sitting there ready to be put together, just need some time.

I ‘m thinking that I need to put my “New and Improved” homebrew rig together. Apart from a few fittings and a dash of my poor welding skills I have more or less all the bits needed, just need some time. However building the new rig will use up brewing time, compromise? I think it’ll be a christmas project.

I’m thinkign will I have a “Dazz (insert festival name pun here) 2012” as my venue is now gone. Perhaps it should be a year of many small events (or a really big one??) 

Thats probably enough time on thinking for now, better get back to some work, its also way too early for a beer, so yes more work (boo).

Cheers D

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