what to brew????

I havent brewed for a while and its starting to annoy me. I’m missing my zen time. But that doesnt mean I’m not spending a fair bit of time on beer related stuff, a few weeks back I paid the deposit on a 3000l fermenter that is right now being manufactured in China. I have a mental picture of a Chinese bloke with an angle grinder and a hammer knocking out a beautiful stainless conicle fermenter, I’m sure its way more mechanised than this but that’ll do for now. This fermenter will end up sitting in the corner of someone else’s brewery and be the vessel that my beer ideas become real. However before I do this I need to get some licencing stuff sorted, and all the marketing and branding stuff. Oh and no I don’t have the name sorted yet, I thought I did but we have a little more to work through before I have it all locked down and tell the world.

I really need to crack on with this lot and get it rolling or the tank will be here before I’m ready to go, just need to get married and deal with a bucket load of “day job” stuff at the same time. Its OK, I dont need to sleep much.

Anyway part of the planning is what the hell will I brew? I’ve done some costings on some of my old recipes and I can safely say I may well have made some of the most expensive homebrew in Australia. The hop bill alone from my IPA made me go “oh dear”. Still tastes great but I’m glad that I didn’t have a cost on it when I home brew it. Anyway I need to get the beer part of the brewing Co. down pat, I have the old homebrew recipes but I also have a bunch of hops in the fridge at work that I just remembered about, so on top of some grains of paradise (something belgo) and cacao nibs (into a stout), some hops that I’m used to like Galaxy, Citra and E.K Goldings I also have some Mosaic, Waimea and Pacific Gem. The last 3 I really don’t have a plan for and I’ve never used. All high alpha hops so they scream IPA but I think I was thinking something farm hose esk with some of them, maybe a Pacific Gem saison? Open to any ideas on these 3.

Anyway work to do now, and I need to book in for that RSA.

Cheers D



4 thoughts on “what to brew????

  1. Then finish with a nice light keg hopping of Willamette, Fuggles, Simcoe, Galaxy, Summit, and Nelson Sauvin. Should be good! Sorry that was not helpful. Just sounds like a lot of hops which might end up good, but I’m not sure you’ll pick up the individual character of any of them. I’m afraid to ask about your grain bill!

  2. Dereck Hales says:

    Going pro? Awesome mate!! Can’t wait to see what your crazy brain comes up with!

    I’m going through a lot of the same these days and agree brewing has been tough to keep on the radar screen. It’s fallen off a bit as I’m in a peak of planning but that will come back. No doubt it will for you too. Hope you got something in since you posted.


  3. koongara says:

    semi pro Dereck, not planning on quitting the day job but I will be selling beer. As for all this planning stuff its good but I just want to get on with it. I did manage to brew a stout on the weekend. Was a nice little bit of zen time, need more of it, way more fun than doing an RSA course.

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