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what to brew????

I havent brewed for a while and its starting to annoy me. I’m missing my zen time. But that doesnt mean I’m not spending a fair bit of time on beer related stuff, a few weeks back I paid the deposit on a 3000l fermenter that is right now being manufactured in China. I have a mental picture of a Chinese bloke with an angle grinder and a hammer knocking out a beautiful stainless conicle fermenter, I’m sure its way more mechanised than this but that’ll do for now. This fermenter will end up sitting in the corner of someone else’s brewery and be the vessel that my beer ideas become real. However before I do this I need to get some licencing stuff sorted, and all the marketing and branding stuff. Oh and no I don’t have the name sorted yet, I thought I did but we have a little more to work through before I have it all locked down and tell the world.

I really need to crack on with this lot and get it rolling or the tank will be here before I’m ready to go, just need to get married and deal with a bucket load of “day job” stuff at the same time. Its OK, I dont need to sleep much.

Anyway part of the planning is what the hell will I brew? I’ve done some costings on some of my old recipes and I can safely say I may well have made some of the most expensive homebrew in Australia. The hop bill alone from my IPA made me go “oh dear”. Still tastes great but I’m glad that I didn’t have a cost on it when I home brew it. Anyway I need to get the beer part of the brewing Co. down pat, I have the old homebrew recipes but I also have a bunch of hops in the fridge at work that I just remembered about, so on top of some grains of paradise (something belgo) and cacao nibs (into a stout), some hops that I’m used to like Galaxy, Citra and E.K Goldings I also have some Mosaic, Waimea and Pacific Gem. The last 3 I really don’t have a plan for and I’ve never used. All high alpha hops so they scream IPA but I think I was thinking something farm hose esk with some of them, maybe a Pacific Gem saison? Open to any ideas on these 3.

Anyway work to do now, and I need to book in for that RSA.

Cheers D



what to brew part 2. the decision

Thanks for the comments on my previous post “what to brew?”. While I havent taken any of the ideas on directly they did provide the inspiration for the beer(s) that I will be brewing tomorrow. That’s 1 mash, and 2 beers.

So the recipe for a 38l batch is;

5kg Best Pilsner malt

2kg Best Wheat malt

2kg raw wheat

o.4kg Simpsons Crystal

0.2kg Acidulated Malt

I’ll throw a bit of gypsum in the mash, and mash it at about 64deg C. I’m targeting a starting gravity of 1.051, I’ll probably only give it a 50 minute boil, depends on what time I get going.

Hops will be 40g of Warrior first wort, aiming for about 40IBU, with some late additions of cascade, nelson sauvin and simcoe (I havent worked them out yet).

Half of the wort will go through the hop back with more of the Nelson Sauvin, Cascade (its NZ Cascade) and Simcoe and be fermented out with more of the same as a dry hop (again amounts to be worked out). This will be fermented out with Wyeast 1056, the US ale or Chico.

The other half will get no hop back or dry hop and be fermented out with the Wyeast Trapist Blend, a Belgian yeast with some brett, and another bag of Wyeast Brett that has been sitting in my fridge for way to long. I think I’ll also grab some fruit like grapes and throw them in the fermenter too, will have to see what looks good in the fruit shop.

This will be only my second deliberate bret beer, the other is still ageing in a demijhon. I really must bottle that beer.

So there it is, a hoppy wheat pale ale, and a dirty perhaps fruit tinted belgo-ish ale. That takes into account at least a few of the comments.

And that my friends is what I’m going to brew tomorrow, thanks for the comments, they sparked my creativity.

Have a good weekend.

Cheers D

What are you brewing this weekend…

Its Friday and I’m not brewing this weekend.

I probably could if I really pushed things but it’s just not going to happen. It would probably result in a Zen free brew day, not something I’m after. So instead I’d like to live vicariously through the brewing of others.

Tell me what you are brewing this weekend?

Cheers D

PS – may there be much Zen in your brew day

PPS – yes I know this is a lame post


No brewing this weekend

And boo to that. I really need to brew more however work and a social life seem to get in the way. I mean I like catching up with friends and family, and this whole work thing does pay the bills (just) but I am at my happiest, or most Zen when I am brewing. Really must do more.

I think the 180km’s between my kitchen and my brew house (well my Dad calls it his wool shed) may be having something to do with the lack of brewing. Perhaps I should quit my job or cease my social life. I do like brewing but apparently being able to pay your bills and talking to people is a required social norm.

Anyway I need to go and get some lunch so I’ll keep this short, I am going to map out my upcoming brews;

  1. Porter – some to be aged on coco nibs
  2. Golden strong – some to be purpleafied with beetroot. Yes its a stupid idea.
  3. IPA – at least a few of them and I have a hop back on order. Hello aroma town!, population my beer
  4. Big Amber Ale – cos I like them
  5. Saison and or Witt Beer. Perhaps black versions of both
  6. Sour beers – all bret and mixed culture, the bugs are sitting in my fridge

There we go, just need to create the brew window (or windows) to get all that done. I have recipes for most of these brews in my head but am open to any suggestions.

Cheers for now, need to figure out what to have for lunch??

Cheers D

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