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Currently I live in StKilda West and my Brew House (otherwise known as the kitchen in my parents wool shed) is in Berrybank. According to Google Maps this is 155km, making it a 310km round trip every time I brew (not including a trip to Grain and Grape). I also then get to make the same trip when I need to package the beer. People who think about carbon footprints would have a field day with my beer. No doubt Al Gore would be quite angry with me. I’m also not sure how long my 97 Magna can keep it

While driving home to bottle some saison and potentially brew a porter I decided that I was getting tired of this added process of 4 hrs in the car that has become part of my brewing day.

As it was so hot I didn’t end up making the porter, but the saison did get bottled (and I think it’ll be ok). I also cleaned a bunch of kegs. When your brew house is close and easy to access jobs like cleaning kegs and bottling can be done any old-time. Also you don’t need to plan your brew days as much, see a cool spot in the weather and brew away, or just get home early from work and say “bugger it, time to brew”.

Right now, I can’t do this and I think its time I looked into a change. I need a space to brew.

So what am I after?

  1. A secure space as all my brewing kit and a bunch of beer would be there
  2. A minimum size of around about a 1 car garage, can go bigger but don’t really need to
  3. Access to water and power
  4. A space that can be used without impacting on others
  5. A space that can be messy and smell beery
  6. Ventilation, dont want to die from gas fumes
  7. Some security of tenure, 12 months minimum?

I’ve put the request out via twitter and Facebook and have had some offers but I’m not certain that they fit the bill. I am also willing to pay for the space (in cash or beer). I’m also open to sharing the space with other brewers or people who want to do man things.

If anyone has any ideas drop me a message, open to all suggestions. And yes Ferg I’ll get back to you, perhaps after reading this you’ll get more of an idea what I’m after.

Just wanting to take the grind out of my brewing, let me brew more, and let me enjoy it more.


Cheers D

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