Public Service Announcement – bottles go bang!

It’s a hot evening so I’m lying on the couch watching some TV. Theres not much on, I’m watching monster trucks. Like I said its hot and its late.

Then fucking BANG! breaking glass. What the fuck was that?

And now to the Public Service announcement – Bottles Go Bang!

While there are many stories of home brew bottles exploding this is only the second time that I know of a bottle of my beer blowing up. I found the evidence of one about a year ago, no idea when it blew but this one I heard. It was actually quite confusing, a bang, breaking glass sound, if it wasnt for the shards of brown glass and smell of beer I wouldn’t have known.

The beer in question was a peach saison from Jan 2012, it was highly carbonated and probably had some wild yeast from the peaches working away, and it was just a regular beer bottle, probably needed something stronger for a beer like that. Strange that it spent 2 weeks in my car then chose to go bang when I brought it inside? no idea what tipped it over the edge but it went off like a rocket.

No stress though, plenty more beer can be made. I actually have a couple of saisons (a split batch actually) fermenting away right now. Really simple recipe, 98% pilsner malt, 2% palm sugar, mashed at about 63 deg C with a target OG of 1050 and about 30 IBU’s of styrian goldings. Half the batch got the French Saison yeast, the other half got the Belle Saison from Lallemand (a new yeast for me). Oh and I did intend to use the Belgian saison yeast, but it turns out that I pitched it by mistake into my “Something Sexy in French” saison that went sour and I dumped. No idea how the Belle Saison will turn out, it’s a dry yeast so interested to see how we go.

Anyway a little cleaning and its mostly sorted, but remember bottles go bang! So let the beer ferment right out. Dont use too much priming sugar. If you have any wild yeast in the beer use thicker bottles. And don’t leave peach saison in a 97 Magna wagon for 2 weeks then put it in your kitchen. Also wear safety glasses at all time.

Might need a little more cleaning tomorrow though.

Cheers D


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