Dear vegetarians……….

Dear vegetarians,

I had dinner at Lau’s Family Kitchen tonight and figured out what you folk have been doing wrong with your food, or as you call it tofu. All these years I have thought that tofu may have been the same stuff they make foam boxes out of (OK not convinced that it isnt). On occasions someone has snuck some into a laksa and its pasable, in much the same way that anything that soaks up all that coconut seafood curry sauce would. Bread or a kitchen sponge would do a better job.

However Lau’s have figured out what all Veggo’s are striving for, to make tofu taste goodm and it’s really simple. Cook it with pork! so simple that I really don’t understand how all you veggo’s have missed it. I think the dish is called Ma Po. Its great, szechwan style tofu and mince pork (I think but please note the spelling is mostly wrong but its late and I don’t care). Spicy and an awesome texture, an awesome comfort food, but kind of not from my comfort zone

Anyway we can call this a public service. Veggo’s please sort out how you cook food and add pork to make it all better.

Thanks for caring and making sure that everyone else can eat your food. Remember its all about tolerance.

Cheers D

PS – Oh and the beer list was OK but not worth writing about, I had a Little Creatures, there were other beers too


One thought on “Dear vegetarians……….

  1. bladdamasta says:

    Great post. Nothing like a late night scrawl.

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