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Ducks and Echidnas

Work took me to Camperdown and the surrounding district this week. Things are looking green and the cows all seemed to be generally happy. The sun was shining on Monday, although today things got a touch colder. I think there was even a bit of a frost this morning, although I wasnt up early enough to get the full experience of it.

Anyway when work takes you places you’d rather not be you need to mix in a thing or two that brightens the trip. Mix business with pleasure. Along with 4 day weeks and never going back to work after a holiday on a Monday this should be included in the welcome to the working world speech given to people at the end of uni, well perhaps not to Arts students, they probably wont get real jobs where these rules are needed.

So how did I mix business and pleasure today? and what does it have to do with ducks and echidnas?

The duck is easy. I was in Camperdown so I went to the Red Duck Providore and picked up a bunch of their limited release beers, I think I have an imperial stout, a porter with honey, a gruit beer, a Belgian porter with vanilla, and a wit with jam. I think that’s it? I’ll be trying these over the next week or two. Anyway I thought I’d get some of their beers as I was near the source but it turns out they have just moved the brewery from Camperdown (where the shop is) to Ballarat. Not sure what impact this will have on the beers, may be a bit hard to tell as I don’t think I’ve had any of these beers before. Havent been massively in love with any of their beers in the past but I’m looking forward to these ones.

The echidna? Prickly Moses. I dropped in to say g’day to Hendo who was tinkering with a couple of soon to be released beers a new (very bright and hoppy) batch of Raconteur, and a yet to be released brown ale. Looking forward to seeing both of them on tap. We talked beer but it was knock of time and we both had a few km’s to cover so I kicked on.

 Well that’s about it for tonight, I probably should be putting some beer for VicBrew in bottles but I can’t be arsed. The Oaked Stout is all good, the Choc Porter is still carbonating, Cosmic Tex is ready for the second batch of dry hopps, but James the IPA is not looking so good. just had a taste and I’m thinking there may be something wrong with it, perhaps a yeast other than the one I intended? not sure whats going on there. It tasted pretty good before I added some dry hopps? will check again tomorrow.

Right now I’m drinking a 12 month old Belgian Tripple that is a touch more carbonated than would be desired. Nice beer but a pain in the arse to pour.

I think I’m done now.


Cheers D


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Friday you evil thing

Right now I am feeling a degree of pain. It is all self-inflicted, therefore my chances of getting any sympathy are slim, and I know that I am supposed to be old enough to know better, but it still sucks. I attended the Wool industry Event of the year last night, a work thing. The beers on offer were nothing to speak of, yellow and fizzy, but there were plenty of them. And a glass or two of red. Then the fatal mistake was made to go to the big house. Bad idea, more yellow fizzy beer. Anyway one day these venues will figure out the merits of good beer. I look forward to that day.

Anyway no brewing this weekend. I’ll need to take some dry hops out of Cosmic Tex at some stage on the weekend, and depending on how James is going, perhaps add some. I may even bottle some of the Oak aged stout, and some choc porter. There will be no brewing though.

I also havent been knocked over by the flood of tap handle drawings/labels/posters for Cosmic Tex or James yet. Not even Stu, who’s bloody idea this was has had a crack. C’mon Stu, I mean really, get out the water colours. I have had Clayton be most helpful in putting out a call to his Facebook followers asking them to “get out the Crayola’s”. This may result in the first ever crayon beer tap handle. I kind of like that. Anyway all entries to me please.

Ble. Thats enough for now. I need to get some lunch, or some caffeine, perhaps both and something greasy. And a beer. That should help.

So people, drink good beer, not the yellow fizzy stuff I was on last night, it make you feel very dusty. If you are having a beer this weekend have a hand crafted small batch beer made by someone who gives a damn. Trust me you will feel better for it. And that is your homework for the weekend.

Cheers D

PS – draw me a tap handle Stu!, or at least get Tex to

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and IPA called James

Tonight there is very little on TV. It kinda sucks. Supernatural has finished for its current season and it seems Monday night isnt a focus for the TV guru’s. Right now its a toss-up between old Top Gear episodes, and the Iron Man cartoon. Like I said its a tough call.

To add to the ambiance my apartment is very smokey, like a 1970’s pub, thanks to me having a steak for dinner. I must add it was a fucking excellent steak, part due to me being excellent at cooking steaks, but mostly due to the good people a Costco having the sense to use all MSA graded beef. Excellent.

Now to the IPA called James. As previously blogged I brewed a batch of Cosmic Tex on the weekend that started out as a US IPA but due to a hiccup or two and a few more hops it ended up as an Imperial IPA. All things are more or less the same on the malt % and the hop profile but it is now 1074 OG and 132 IBU. Now that is calculated! not actual. I have no doubt if I was to measure the IBU’s properly it would go nowhere near that. Also I have no idea of the hop utilisation through the hop rocket. All I do know is that my car smelt really good driving the wort back to Yarraville. When all the dry hopping is done there will be over 450 grams of hops in a 22 litre batch. That’s a lot, over 21 grams per litre. That’s a lot.

Now back onto an IPA called James. This beer is an English IPA. I have an English uncle. It makes sense that they have the same name. This beer is about 1070 and about 40 IBU’s so kind of mild in relation to Cosmic Tex but it had a wonderful spicy hoppy aroma. I am still uncertain if I’ll dry hop it. Probably. Will see later on this week.

Anyway its a good thing having a couple of IPA’s fermenting away in your spare room. I recommend it to everyone. Also as there are now 2 IPA’s I am extending the idea of sending me in ideas of tap handles or bottle labels to James the IPA as well as Cosmic Tex. Havent been overrun by entries yet. I guess the lack of a prize may be a factor? hmm…

As far as my Brand Power lady impersonation for today “If you like home brewing beer and really want to shove a gutload of hops in your beer try new Hop Rocket from Blichmann Engineering. Its wonderful all stainless construction and simpleton proof construction make it ideal for even the most stupid home brewer. Get yours today” A really good product that worked first time, no stuffing around straight out of the box. And it lets you play with wonderful resiny whole flower hops. And it acts as a kind of filter for all the crap that otherwise would end up in my plate chiller.

Anyway there is something nice about being opulent and inefficient. Cosmic Tex is both these things. I have decided that the unit of hops added to this beer is a metric opulence. It’s also nice to invent your own unit of measurement. So much so that I looked for a picture that says opulence. Using Google the seem to think that means pictures of ladies in their underware. Fair enough but insetad I went for the below picture.

Cheers D



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