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VicBrew 2012

Well the beer judging went well, met some good people, had some interesting beer, spent some time focusing on bee. All good.

While I judged some beer, I also had some of my own beers entered and this morning I got the email letting me know that 4 of my 6 beers had gotten 3rd place in their category and therefore are off to the Australian Amateur Homebrew Competition. The beers are a Belgian triple, an English barley wine, a peach saison and an American IPA- tex the third. I wasn’t expecting any places from this years entries so I’m pretty happy with the result. Perhaps brewing less is good for my brewing?

Now I just need to figure out how to arrange the logistics of moving my beer whet I’m on holidays. Just a small challenge, I think it’s sorted but I’ll owe a few people a beer or two to get it sorted.

Time for another celebratory beer.

Cheers D

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Hopwired IPA – Finally

I’m back from the far east and have nearly regained my taste buds. The far east was interesting and involved many discussions about wild dogs, not dingos, wild dogs. The buggers eat sheep and I am not a fan of their work. In case anyone is wondering the far east is Gippsland. I am not a fan of Gippsland, it is east of Melbourne and I’m from the west. That’s about it.
However driving there I remembered one thing that I do rate in gippy, the vanilla slice at the Yaragon bakery. It rocks. Good vanilla slices are almost non existent in Melbourne. If you are driving through Yaragon get one into you. Yaragon also has an Ale House; a combination bottle shop home brew shop. I have now visited there, they have an OK beer selection but give it the miss if your home brew supplies can be purchased from Coles. I will leave it at that.

Anyway I’m home now and am having a Hopwired IPA. I liked their Tall Popy India Red Ale, a beer all about the malt, and I like this one which is all about the hops, as any good IPA should be.

Its bitter, that is for certain, and inspired by the US IPA’s rather than the English styles. The hop nose is however a whole different thing, not the usual US IPA citrus/pine twang. The label sites the beer as being 100% NZ hops, I get a hit of Nelson Sauvin and what i can best describe as a fruit salad or two fruits (tinned pear and peach combo). I just hope that my nose is unblocked enough to do the beer justice. It’s 7.3% ABV so the booze should help clear my head some more.

There is a fair malt sweetness that sits well with the bitterness, it is not however sticky or chewy. Again I like this beer but am finding the use of the NZ hops rather than the citrusy and piney hops that I usually associate with this style of beer a little challenging, distracting and just damn intriguing. I don’t know that I would want to replicate it but it may be something that grows on you, like the new Vegemite. First taste I didn’t know about it but I like it now. Actually I haven’t brought that since it first came out and had a bad name but that’s not the point.
This is a good beer and you should buy it if you have the chance. I got mine from Grain and Grape in Yarravllie but I’m guessing that most of the good beer shops should have some on stock. Now on a completely unrelated issue why does the blog editor thing give me pictures of volleyball players when ever I type in NZ?? I really don’t understand this.
All this tasting IPA is making me think that I really need to brew one, haven’t done that since last June. Well overdue. Now I’m tired and must stop typing to drink some more beer and watch Bobs Burgers. Like new Vegemite and Hopwired IPA I like it.
Cheers D
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