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DuPont, Radelaide and Josie Bones

Tomorrow I go to Radelaide.

Tonight I’m drinking a Saison Dupont, the big one, not the regular one (Super Saison?). I think it’s a 9% beer, but its on the bench in the kitchen and I’m on the couch watching TV (got to love those Doug Pitt adds). Anyway great beer, really nice earthy character, its smooth but with a bit of a tang. It’s a great beer with a nice but of warming booze, in a similar fashion to a tripel or a Duvel. Get yourself one, I got mine from Grain and Grape.

Anyway that’s not what I wanted to write about tonight. I’ve been kinda busy, OK and a little lazy, but I went to Josie Bones with my good mate Crackas last week for a bit of bromance of the meat and beer type. If you like meat and beer then and havent been there then what the fuck are you doing? no really, they have crackling of the day and plenty of offal, all backed up by a killer beer list.

We didn’t go too over board, crackling of the day (it was pork) oysters, some kind of pork spring roll, some awesome goat, some black pudding. I may have left something off the list, Crackas will help out if I have. I’m not going to bang on about the food too much, only that it was awesome.

Now to the beer. Josie Bones is making their own beer, at 3 Ravens I think. Anyway they are calling it a golden IPA. They had it on tap as a bit of a mystery beer under the name of Hop Junkie. It’s a pale hoppy beer, perhaps more hoppy and bitter than the average IPA, but with a little less in the area of malt complexity that some IPA’s give, and a little less in the area of booze. This beer is headed in the right direction. Stick at it Josie Bones, this one is headed in the right direction.

We also had a couple of Bridge Rd B2 Bombers, a really nice black IPA. I think its improved since I last had it. But I think the beer I finished on was the pick of the evening. It was probably that it suited the mood, but it’s also a fucking fantastic beer. Of course its a beer by 8 Wired, good old Soren. C 4 Double Coffee Brown Ale. Damn that’s a good beer, think a coffee creme brule in a booze form in a glass. Magic stuff. It’s the beer you need after a bunch of excellently cooked animal bits and hoppy beers. It is desert in a glass. I have previously mentioned that I will drink any beer that Soren of 8 Wired makes. The man is a brewing genius. If you see his beer buy it!

Ah well that’s enough talk of good beer and food at Josie Bones, its in Collingwood Melbourne. If you havent been there track it down. Its my happy place of beer and meat. As for beers by 8 Wired they are in NZ, and excellent, and the Bridge Rd stuff is in Beechworth. I’m lazy right now so you can find the links yourself. It wont be hard.

Damn this saison is good too, can’t dispute that Saison Du Pont know their shit when it comes to saisons.

That’ll do for now, very slack post, but its been a long day so I’ll let myself off.

Cheers D

PS – just need to clarify that at no stage did myself and Crackas hug, that would be inappropriate for a manly bromance of beer and offal



This is a little like a blues or country western song, as in it really happened and its slightly sad. Well I do like my vest. I wrote a haiku. I think that haiku is Japanese for cheats poem. This post is nothing to do with beer but I did have a beer before writing it, actually 3 a Coopers Pale, a Hawthorne Pale, and a Belgian duble from Canada. Too lazy to blog about them, but not to write a haiku. Here it is;

Bugger lost my vest.
Thankfully I found the thing.
Now I know relief.

I’ll have to write about going to Josie Bones for dinner on the weekend when I have more writing in me. I was very spoilt that Jacqui took me their for dinner on Saturday evening. mmmm pigs head, beer at the right temperature and crackling, however for now I’m just glad to have found my vest.

Cheers D

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