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Hop Head Red – yawn – no, not at the beer

the lego man aproves of the Hop Head Red but where the fuck is his space helmet???

I’m tired. Long day, no day’s. Add in my attempts to get fit, to work for some reason deciding that this week needs to have extended long play days for me, and that’s me tired.

Getting home tired I felt like a beer. I had a good one yesterday, the Green Flash West Coast IPA, so it makes sense that tonight I have the other Green Flash beer in my fridge, Hop Head Red. It’s a nice big hoppy red beer, kind of like the West Coast IPA but with a dark or perhaps burnt caramel taste. The bitterness is fairly pronounced, a touch more than the IPA, but perhaps that’s just a perception due to the mix with the malt. It’s also a really dry beer, despite all the character malts that give the amber hue to the beer. If you want some more info on this beer go to my last post and follow the link to the Green Flash website there, too tired to add the link again.

That’ll do for now, going to drink the rest of this beer and enjoy it fully as I watch some bad TV. Tired, so tired that it seems I’ve somehow drained the battery of my camera by diffusion – OK now I’m distracted, but where I just used the word diffusion many people would use the word osmosis, but that’s just wrong. Osmosis is the movement of water through a semipermiable membrane along its own concentration gradient. Or at least that’s what I remember of it from uni.

Anyway I’m tired. Why is there nothing good on TV and why is the Lego man in the picture not wearing his space helmet?

Back to the Hop Head Red, it’s a great beer, go get some and drink it.

Cheers D

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