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Evil Twin, a beer by Jamil

About 5 years ago I started brewing. Around the same time I started listening to the Jamil Show on the Brewing Network. This was two guys John and Jamil going through every beer style in-depth and giving a recipe. Back then I was all about getting the recipe, thinking that was the secret to brewing good beers (all the recipes were aware winning ones) but through listening to two blokes on the other side of the world, sometimes drinking coffee, sometimes half cut I learned that the recipe was far from the most important bit. Temp control, water chemistry, yeast health, and don’t worry about all the bullshit that doesnt really matter. These guys really helped my brewing, I think Jamil was the main brewing influence here.

I still listen to the Jamil Show, but now it focuses on recreating beers from commercial breweries, with a blind taste test to verify the recipe. I’ve also met Jamil a couple of times, and had him taste one of my beers. This resulted in him having a story about how using the right malts is important (I was using Australian malts to substitute US and UK malts, worlds apart) and I got my stout recipe sorted out (got a medal in a home-brew comp with it). He’s a good guy and he has helped my beers out immensely.

Anyway he has now done what all homebrewers at one stage or another hope to do, he’s opened his own brewery. Well not exactly, he’s brewing in some sort of venue share arrangement, but he’s making his own beer – Heretic.  I’m happy that he’s living the dream, but I’m also a bit jealous. So when I heard they had some of his beers at Grain and Grape it was a no brainer that I wanted to try them. So far I’ve only heard good things about them, mainly from the guys on the Brewing Network. They are his mates but they wouldn’t blow wind up his arse, if they didn’t like them they wouldn’t talk them up.

I’ve just cracked open a bottle of Heretic Evil Twin, “A Bold West Coast Red Ale”. So what do I think? Its dark, darker than what I’d expect from a red ale, it almost looks like a brown ale. On the nose I get a bit of malt and a bit of a citrusy hop aroma, definitely an American beer. The taste, well its hoppy, but not crazy bitter, more of a tasty mouth coating hoppy but without that puckering bitterness that can come from some mega hoppy beers. I think I like this beer. No I know I do. It’s great to have a beer that’s traveled from the other side of the world arriving so fresh.  Its a really vibrantly flavored beer, and I really like the hops in it, I’m guessing its a mix if the C hops (cascade, centennial, chinook….) not really sure but I like it.

I also like the lableing. Cool evil head. Looks like some kind of computer game devil head. And look at all the crap in the background? what am I doing, yes thats an Easter Egg with no ears and a Humpty Dumpty egg still unopened.

If you go to the Heretic website it says “This blood-red ale may not be what you might expect from a malty and hoppy craft beer. Evil Twin has a rich malt character, without being overly sweet. It has a huge hop character, without being overly bitter. It is a great example of a bold, rich, balanced craft beer, without being heavy and hard to drink in quantity. Our Evil Twin is only bad because it is too good to resist“. I tend to agree.

Grab yourself one of these if you get the chance, I’m not sure what I’d pair this beer with. Its pretty bold and dominating so I guess it’d need something that hits the same spot. I think the name red ale is a little off for this beer, it kind of understates it. Its more of a red IPA, a bit like the 8 Wired Tall Poppy. Bloody good beer though, well done Jamil. Thanks for the beer, and all the help with my beers, from my first all grain recipe to me figuring out how to manage yeast properly. Keep cranking out beers like this and I’ll keep figuring out how to find them in Australia.

There is a large part of me loving this beer just because its a home brewer gone pro. Thats what I want to do. Time for me to get serious about that dream again. I need to sell some beer.

Cheers D



a little clarification part 2

Ok so I’m back from a trip that took me to Warrnambool, Hamilton and back again with a stop at the Mortlake Roadhouse for what I believe are the best potato cakes in the world. We also had to make short stop to help the bloke on the yellow Ducatti who hit a puddle and ended up in the table drain just a few km out of Mortlake. His waterproofs were worse for ware and there was a bit of damage to his helmet and bike but he seemed ok. We gave him a push, got him back on the road and I’m guessing now he’s sitting in a pub in Mortlake waiting for repairs to happen.

Anyway I digress, back to the beer. Right now I’m having a Coopers Sparkling, a beer that has to be listed in any reference to the best beers in Aus. Its an oldie and a goodie. I prefer to have it poured into a glass un rolled, some people may disagree with that but it is a sparkling ale, so get it off the yeast and give it a chance to sparkle!. I love its slightly fruity nose, and the alcohol forward flavor of the beer. Yes be warned its a falling down beer, but a favorite all the same.

OK this is more digressing, to what I had intended to write about, clearing up a few things, mainly that Dazzapalooza is not Pig-a-palooza 2, and that while Good Beer Week has no connection to Dazzapalooza officially, I am going to claim that it is a warm up event for Dazzapalooza. How could it not be?  Also an update on the brewing session from the weekend. It was so uneventful and to plan that there is little other to do than post the recipes. As Hanibal from the A Team says “I love it when a plan comes together”

Pig-a-palooza 2
This sounds like a celebration of pig and beer. Throw in a BBQ and we have what I call a good thing. I know nothing else about this event and it is in no way affiliated with Dazzapalooza. Sounds good though.

Good Beer Week
An excellent sounding week that runs from May 16 to 22, its a celebration of beer that lasts for 7 days. The only thing I see wrong with this festivus of beer is that it only goes for 7 days. I really must book myself in for some events, so far I have an invite from Damien at Purvis Beer to some tasting type events. As I have never been to Purvis Beer I really must get there, apparently they have plenty of good beer. Also I’ve had a beer with Damien and he was a top bloke. Will have to look into some other events also, tastings, pub nights, beer launches. All good stuff.

My Weekend brewing

I did two batches on the weekend, both for Dazzapalooza, they are as follows;

British Pale Ale/Premium Bitter (it’ll be served on tap so I guess its a bitter?) This recipe is based on the “Brewing Classic Styles” by Jamil Z and John P recipe for the same style (page 119 if you have the book).
OG: 1.045
Batch Size: 23.00 L

Boil Size: 29.00 L
Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: My Equipment
Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00
Notes: the mash was a bit cool I think, more like 62, bugger

4.50 kg Crisps Marris Otter Pale (5.9 EBC) Grain 82.57 %
0.40 kg Raw Wheat 7.34 %
0.22 kg Aromatic Malt (51.2 EBC) Grain 4.04 %
0.22 kg Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L (236.4 EBC) Grain 4.04 %
0.11 kg Special Roast (98.5 EBC) Grain 2.02 %
35.00 gm Goldings, East Kent [5.00 %] (60 min) (First Wort Hop) Hops 25.0 IBU
14.00 gm Goldings, East Kent [5.00 %] (20 min) Hops 3.1 IBU
20.00 gm Goldings, East Kent [5.00 %] (1 min) Hops 2.2 IBU
Wyeast Labs #1098 British Yeast-Ale

Aussie Wheat (I’m calling it this for want of a better style descriptor). I got the idea for this beer from “Brewing with Wheat” by Stan Hieronymus, and is a further adaptation of a beer I did last year with a witt wort and an English yeast. This is kind of round 2 at this beer.
OG: 1.052
Batch Size: 24.00 L
Brewer: Darren Keating
Boil Size: 30 L
Boil Time: 60 min
Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00
Notes: 2kg crisps pale ale, 2 kg JW pills, 1.9 torrefied wheat, mashed at 55 for 15, 62 for 30 and 67 for 15

Ingredients2.00 kg Crisps Pale Ale Malt (2 Row) US (3.9 EBC) Grain 33.90 %
2.00 kg Joe White Pilsner (2 Row) UK (2.0 EBC) Grain 33.90 %
1.90 kg Wheat, Torrified (3.3 EBC) Grain 32.20 %
15.00 gm Magnum [14.00 %] (60 min) Hops 26.2 IBU
British Ale Wyeast Labs #1098
I’ll be dry hopping this beer with a bunch of Amarillo and Simcoe, not sure how much yet, will do it to taste in the keg.

All rather simple really, no running out of gas, no spilling stuff or other catastrophes. All I have taken from this brew session is that my mill is not working to full efficiency. I think I have it running too fast and am chewing up the barley husk too much, this gives me a floury grist and I think its hurting my efficiency. I’m not all that worried about efficiency on my home brew setup but it would be nice to get the same results from grain I’ve milled myself as grain milled at Grain and Grape. I’ve put an email through to the guy at Mash Master (where I got my mill from) and am after some advice. It does work and I love the build quality on the mill but I think I could get it to run better.
Time for some dinner now, by the way fuck its cold. Anyone else noticing this?

Cheers D

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