What have I been doing…..or thinking about

Hello there, its been a while. Have I been somewhere or really busy? No not really, just not blogging much?

Well sort of busy, lots going on with work, silly season upon us, trying to fit in some beer related stuff, all that. Oh and I joined twitter (@idreamofbrewery). Twitter is a wonderful, it gets you free beer, lets you know where important things like taco trucks are and puts you in touch with tons of ideas in tiny bites, kind of like mind tapas. It is distracting me from blogging though.

So to blog!

What have I been up to in relation to beer. Still planning some kind of beer company thing for 2013, love the concept but am still a little intimidated by the actual delivery bit. I need to put some stuff on paper, which I will do when I’m on hols at the beach over Christmas. Sorted.

I’ve also been doing a bit of recipe thinking, and part of the research for that is knocking through a few old homebrews, mainly different version of saisons (of which I happily have a good stash). Damn these beers age well. As I think I’ve concluded previously, less is more when it comes to recipes for saisons. IPA’s on the other hand, more is more :).

The harvest has started at my parents farm, barley being harvested right now I think (that is if they have fixed the harvester, broken shaft I think) so I’ll put down a few harvest beers, mainly saisons. I love to throw some fresh wheat, oats or barley from the farm in the mash. I’ll also have some fresh hops on the go too. I think I’ll also do some fruit beers, well chuck some fruit in a saison. I may also need to brew some beer for my brother in-laws 40th in January. I really should be focused on beers that I’d like to take to market but the creative juices want to flow! ah well compromise may need to kick in.

Oh and what should my first beer release be? let me know if you have a suggestion, I’m thinking a saison and/or and IPA.

I’m still trying plenty of new beers, not really saying a whole lot about them though as I don’t really see the need to write about the ho-hum, so so or terrible beers any more. As they say if you can’t say anything nice….. Some IPA’s have let me down a little lately, many excitable releases from breweries are just not giving me what I want in an IPA, that is to be a hop delivery device. Perhaps I’m just getting beers that are past their best or I expect too much? Of recent times I’ve been impressed by beers from MoonDog, Mountain Goat and Heretic, and of course good old Saison DuPont and Cantilion.

This trend was bucked last night 8 wired Superconductor Double IPA. I’m not going to go into the “it tasted like…” but it tasted like a double IPA should, hoppy with a good malty booze backbone. Great tropical citrus nose and flavor, with a firm bitterness. Soren, again you’ve hit the nail on the head, great beer.

That’ll do for now, didn’t really go anywhere with this post. Well no I had a bit of a winge and dumped some of my thoughts down. Ah well, perhaps a more productive post next time.

Cheers D




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