So it’s the weekend, and I’m in the office again. No need to sympathy this time I’m here on my own terms doing my own thing, web searches for brewery and beer names.

At this rate the idreamofbrewery blog name will be defunked, well I may not have a brewery for a while but I may have a beer or two for sale. Feeling really up about this, but also a bit daunted. Paper work, licensing, branding, packaging, names. Bloody hell this is like a job or a business. Who would have thought 🙂

Better get back to it.

Cheers D

PS – brewing last weeks beers tomorrow, fingers crossed. Not real impressed with this hot weather


4 thoughts on “progress

  1. do it, do it, do it!
    “if you build it – they will come!”

  2. Leon says:

    Exciting – It would indeed be a dream come true….

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