split batch photos

Well I brewed today, a split batch, part super hoppy wheat beer with a gutload of hops (about 260g), part bret beer with grapes.

just a few hops, 100g NZ Cascade flowers, 100g Nelson Sauvin flowers, 80g Simcoe, 40g Warrior, oh and another 40g of Nelson Sauvin pellets. They all went into this batch, seems like a lot now as its not even an IPA?

I went to check some crops when I got the mash on.

Some wheat, part of which will end up in beer eventually

And to the boil.

The boil in action, note the near full kettle and some leaf hops

And now to the contraption that is the pump, chiller and hop back. I really need a bracket or something.

hoses, hoses, hoses. It works though

The wort for the hoppy part of the batch hitting its dry hops (cos more hops is never enough).

hoppy beer hitting more hops

Oh and I threw some grapes picked up from the South Melbourne Market into the brett portion of the beer (I squished them by hand and threw them into the wort with the yeasts).


And that’ll do for now, the beers are comfortably fermenting away now, fingers crossed in a few weeks I’ll have some interesting beer. Well the one with brett and grapes may take a little longer.

Cheers D


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