what to brew part 2. the decision

Thanks for the comments on my previous post “what to brew?”. While I havent taken any of the ideas on directly they did provide the inspiration for the beer(s) that I will be brewing tomorrow. That’s 1 mash, and 2 beers.

So the recipe for a 38l batch is;

5kg Best Pilsner malt

2kg Best Wheat malt

2kg raw wheat

o.4kg Simpsons Crystal

0.2kg Acidulated Malt

I’ll throw a bit of gypsum in the mash, and mash it at about 64deg C. I’m targeting a starting gravity of 1.051, I’ll probably only give it a 50 minute boil, depends on what time I get going.

Hops will be 40g of Warrior first wort, aiming for about 40IBU, with some late additions of cascade, nelson sauvin and simcoe (I havent worked them out yet).

Half of the wort will go through the hop back with more of the Nelson Sauvin, Cascade (its NZ Cascade) and Simcoe and be fermented out with more of the same as a dry hop (again amounts to be worked out). This will be fermented out with Wyeast 1056, the US ale or Chico.

The other half will get no hop back or dry hop and be fermented out with the Wyeast Trapist Blend, a Belgian yeast with some brett, and another bag of Wyeast Brett that has been sitting in my fridge for way to long. I think I’ll also grab some fruit like grapes and throw them in the fermenter too, will have to see what looks good in the fruit shop.

This will be only my second deliberate bret beer, the other is still ageing in a demijhon. I really must bottle that beer.

So there it is, a hoppy wheat pale ale, and a dirty perhaps fruit tinted belgo-ish ale. That takes into account at least a few of the comments.

And that my friends is what I’m going to brew tomorrow, thanks for the comments, they sparked my creativity.

Have a good weekend.

Cheers D


2 thoughts on “what to brew part 2. the decision

  1. James says:

    Have you brewed many brown ales before? I rarely see browns on the homebrew circuit. For such a “straight forward” style, it can be very hard to find a really good brown ale. Although there are some cracking ones around at the moment…like the Mornington and Cavalier browns, as well as the 7% Prickly Moses Tailpipe that Hendo created.

    We’ve declared tomorrow as “Brown Ale Day” just because we want to see & drink more browns!

    Share the Brown Ale Day love: http://beerbarband.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/beer-get-down-with-brown-on-october-21.html

  2. koongara says:

    Brown day? interesting idea, and I could have brewed a brown ale but you’ve caught me a few hours late with the idea as my malt, hops and yeast are all ready to go for tomorrow. I have brewed a few brown ales before but not for a while. I’m not brewing near as often as I’d like these days and seem to be focusing on IPA’s and saisons. The browns I’ve mostly made were big hoppy US style ones, lots of Northern Brewer and Cascade hops.

    Speaking of Tailpipe I had a very small part in helping Hendo get that one out, good beer too. Anyway I’d be more inclined to think brown day should be in Autumn, that kind of beer more suits that time of year in my mind. All good with another beer day though.

    Now will you be at ANHC next week?

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