what to brew?

I’m thinking about brewing this weekend but have no real inspiration of what to brew? I am now open to sugestions, open to anything, well not lagers but thats more from a lack of fermentation temp control.

So let me have it with the suggestions. I’ve got about 22 hours from now until I need to decide and order my grain.

Cheers D


8 thoughts on “what to brew?

    • koongara says:

      um Dean there is no brewing to be done in making Cider, you just crush apples and ferment them (like wine). Try again please, and remember that you brew beer

  1. Well the weather is getting warming, maybe a Saison?
    Spices? Roasted malts? Fruit?
    Too many ideas…

  2. beerisyourfriend says:

    hefeweizen! That’s what I’m planning to make when I get enough empty bottles.

  3. koongara says:

    the answer is 2 beers, I’m going to do a double batch of a pale ale with about 40% wheat, split it, fermenting half with a bunch of late hops, citra, cascade, simcoe etc, and the other half is going to get some fruit or brett or both

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