Hop Bazooka!

Well Hendo I like the cut of your IPA. It may only be version no. 1 but it still sits in the more than OK box for me. Its hoppy, it’s not to full, its drinkable. I like this beer in short. Hendo, once you make it your bitch it has the potential to be one hell of a beer. Lots of citrus, some of the tropical gear and a nice bit of malt. I’m putting it in the same bracket as Hop Hog. That is if it keeps it up!

As you may guess I have had a couple of beers this evening. This was at the launch of the Hop Bazooka, an IPA by Southern Bay Brewing, made by my beer school buddy Hendo. The Southern Bay Beers have come along in leaps and bounds under his reign, to the point where they are on the edge of getting out of the old Geelong Bitter shadow. Anyway enough of then, this is now. This is a good beer.

Thanks also to the management at the Alehouse Project for letting me share a few homebrewed saisons with a few fellow beer lovers. I enjoyed the opportunity, and I think they enjoyed the beers. I call that a win win.

So that’s a win for homebrew, a win for Hendo, a win for me and, well that’s enough wins.

Time for me to eat some toast and get some sleep.

Cheers D

PS – I forgot to mention that I knew this beer when it was just a t-shirt


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