I feel dirty…..Perverse Sexual Amalgum

I feel dirty.

It smells like a tart black forest cake. A little dirty.

Its black.

It tastes all tart, sour, and moorish.

It’s in my glass.

Its MoonDog’s Perverse Sexual Amalgum. This is a dark beer, fermented with witt yeast, brett, pedio and lacto, then aged in an oak with cherry plums. I love cherry plums. The beer is fairly light in body, tart and super drinkable. The dark malts give it that nice chocolate roasty flavor, the cherry plums give it the fruit and the bugs give the tartness. Put a dash of cream on it and you have a black forest cake. Its awesome.

What do the brewers say about it?

Funky, wild and tart.

Some things don’t seem right but you want them anyway. That quasi-erotic feeling you get when Charlton Heston makes out with Zira the chimp.

Sure, she reluctantly says “All right, but you’re so damned ugly….” But you know she’s into it. And as with all things a bit perverted, so are you.

This beer is released every now and then… And increased birth rates can be correlated to the releases. Coincidence? Probably.”

The label is also kind of awesome, bikini girl with a rooster head (a cock head perhaps?)

Yet again MoonDog this is a great beer. I think I need to get some oak barrels, if only the bastards werent so expensive. Ah well, if anyone knows where I can get some cheap (OK moderately priced) oak barrels let me know. Also if you want a desert like tart beer made right here in Melbourne, go track down some MoonDog Perverse Sexual Amalgam.

Cheers D





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