Beer Judging

In the not so great movie “Judge Dred” Sly Stallone said “I am the law”. Well that s what the script said anyway, it actually sounded more like “eye yam da wawr”.

Today I am judging beer and I will not ne taking any of my cues from Sly in Judge Dred. This will be my first official crack at judging beer, it’s the VicBrew 2012 comp. For those that havent heard of it its the Victorian state home brew competition, and I’m judging the pale ale category, with I think about 25 entrants. It’s a voluntary organisation, so as an entrant for the past few years its about time I chipped in and did my bit. There we go community spirit and beer!

While I have done plenty of sensory evaluation of beer this is my first crack at doing so many in a row, and where I’m not choosing the beers. I’m guessing some will taste like angels pissing on my tongue, others like a bathroom floor*. There is a fair chance that I’ll be buggered and sick of pale ale by the time we are done.

Anyway I’d better finnish fueling up on good bread and coffee** (does anything make a better start to the day?) so I have the strength to get the job done. Then its a week of holiday for me.

Two thumbs up to holidays, now for more coffee and a read of the style guidelines for Pale Ale.

Cheers D

*I have no real idea what either taste like.

** coffee beans from Clement, bread from the good bakery on Fitzroy st, can’t remember the name


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