Monkey’s and floaties

On Friday a man walked into a shop and asked “do you have any monkey’s?”.

The shop lady asked “yes, we have one left”.

“I’ll take it” said the man.

And that’s how you buy a monkey*.

That man is now drinking a McGuava by Moon Dog.

That man is me.

I think I’ve written about one of the Moon Dog Mullet Series (haircut not fish, fish beers could be interesting though) beers before, I can not remember any of the details about it other than I liked it (or at least have favorable memories about it). This one has been sitting in my fridge for farm too long, and it’s probably past its prime, but it’s still a pretty good beer. It has floaties from hell though. When I first poured the beer it looked like a lava lamp. And it’s not like it had just been taken out of the boot of my car or something, its been in the fridge for months. I have no idea what the chunks are, I’m guessing that they are yeast and Guava clumped together, but for all I know its some new form of life starting off.

So whats the beer taste like? well not as sour or tart as I think a berlinervise should be. However, I’ve never actually had a berlinervise so I don’t really know. There is a little bit of tartness, but its more like a saison type beer, and the fruit adds a nice level of interest to it. It’s a good thing too, and I think I remember now that I thought the same of the other mullet beer.

That leaves me on a 100% strike rate with Moon Dog, keep it up boys. More mental beers please, as far as the Mullet series goes I have a request, a Garry “Budda” Hocking beer. He had an awesome curly mullet, no idea what fruit suits him, and no suggestion of a witty pun. Perhaps the “Budda” should have yack butter or chai spices?

No idea, but keep at it.

Cheers D

* The monkey was a pink and white stuffed monkey with green eyes that was a gift for my day old niece. Later on it was agreed that the monkey may be a creepy monkey, yet it was still quite cute. My niece however held over her comment on the monkey as she was only 1 day old at the time and had other things on her mind. I think she’ll like it 🙂

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