hmmm not sure what to write about this one

I have been a little slack lately, not blogging as often as I’d like to and I think that my new job may be to blame. In the past I have often noticed that when work is shit I blog more often. As I like my new job I havent been blogging that much.

I’m also pretty bloody busy and have an annoying cough/cold/flu thing that is really bloody annoying. Its most annoying first thing in the morning, and in the past couple of days my voice has almost given up the ghost in meetings. Perhaps I should say less?

Anyway the new office is near Black Hearts and Sparrows on Punt Rd. Hence good beer is only a short walk away. I had a good meeting on Tuesday so I rewarded myself with a selection of new beers, one of which I’m having right now. I was going to write about it, but no, that wont be happening as it’s not that good and I don’t see any point in slinging shit and someone having a crack. It’s a low ABV beer and I get what they are trying to do, but it’s just not quite there. I had a crack at a low ABV saison a few weeks ago and know the challenge. There’s something that goes missing in a beer when you get under about 4.5%ABV. I think it’s that less malt thinness thing that seems to go on. Its manageable in english pales/milds and stouts but its hard to get right. Anyway its a challenge that’s worth having a crack at. Good on them for trying but keep at it, I’m in the same boat.

As for the selection at Black Hearts and Swallows its great, a selection that contains some of my greatest hits, Belgian sours, some US stuff, some great Scandinavian and other assorted good beers before you even get to the strong Aussie contingent. However I have struck a few so so beers there, this one, and another so-called “wild” saison that while it wasnt bad was nowhere near “wild”.

My attempts at broadening the old beer pallet here have been struggling so far. I’m wanting to go beyond the usual suspects but when I do I’m failing more often than not. Well recently anyway.

So it seems I need to blog more and find more consistently exciting new beer. OK.

And I need to brew more. Last year I broad 19 batches. This year only 9. Thats no good, I need to remedy this. Perhaps its just a scheduling issue? with no event this year I would have struggled to clear all the beer, but I also would have had more entries in VicBrew (only 6 this year and a few of them are 2011 brewed). My brewing space and time are now severely limited but this is something I need to sort out. No idea how but I’m on it. Oh and I need to figure out how I can remotely dry hop my IPA’s, they are just not the same with out the dry hopping, and dry hopping at the start of the ferment really isn’t doing the job.

So more blogging, more good beer, more brewing. That’ll do.

Cheers D


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