peter piper’s pickled pepper purple peated ale = Yeastie Boys & MoonDog

So Yeastie Boys and Moondog have gotten together and made a beer. It’s another of those Good Beer Week beers. Good old GBW, more weird beers for me 🙂

So today I went to work, had a coffee and a little cake, did a bunch of work stuff, had a sandwich, read the paper, drank some tea, bunch more work, came home, went for a run, out ran a cyclist actually, cooked some dinner, had a home brewed saison (pretty damn good).

And now I’m drinking Peter Piper’s Pickled Pepper Purple Peated Ale.

It’s probably the most interesting thing I’ve done today. Bloody nice beer though. Its kind of a pale ale with a burnt backbone, but its kind of sweet. Its hopped with simcoe and something called “big banger”. I have no idea what big banger is but I’d like to think that they have thrown in a big burnt snag.

This beer is very drinkable, but this is for me, certainly not for everyone. The burnt peaty smoky background flavor sits really with the sweetness of this beer, but it also reminds me a little of a pale ale that I had get infected with brett a couple of years ago. That had a really distinctive burnt rubber flavor to it. Perhaps its a memory hops and smoke. Perhaps it is a bit of brett. I dont know, just know that I like this beer.

And now to the label, it has an elephant (Indian I think) in a suit smoking a pipe with what appears to be chillies in it. Perhaps there are chillies in this beer? maybe that’s the big banger? Buggered if I know.

Bring on next years GBW I say, more mental beers and collaborations!

Now go away, I want to enjoy this beer on my own. Well with the elephant actually.

Cheers D


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