C’mon Julia, brew some beer!

People in the beer community have been loosing their shit lately over the fact that Obama made some beer in the White House. Well actually he didn’t, he purchased some gear and got the guys in the kitchen to do it. It’s all in the clip below, and good on them. It’s nice to see anyone brewing, not sure what the gloves and whisks are about, but good on them.

It also means that Obama is likely to have a beer with people who visit. I like that.

However this is Australia. We love beer. About time for our Prime Minister to get a brew on, Julia Gillard are you listening? If you need a hand I’m willing to help, as I’m sure a bunch of other Aussie home brewers would also be. Given you’re a Melbourne suburbs local perhaps the Westgate Brewers would be willing to help, I’m sure Ferg would happily host you at their next monthly meeting. Or perhaps we need to get a pro brewer on board? Ben Kraus from the Beachworth Brewery and the guys at Moondog are all into collaboration brews.

Imagine having a colab brew with the PM? what would you brew? a red ale? how good would that be?

Anyway this is my challenge to the PM, Julia its time to brew a beer!

Now I hope this damn link works, if it dosent you’ll be able to find it anyway.




2 thoughts on “C’mon Julia, brew some beer!

  1. bladdamasta says:

    Tim’s got to do it.

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