Freaks and Geeks

We really should have Good Beer Week in Melbourne more often. I think at least once a month, well maybe once every two months. The liver may be evil but the poor guy needs a break every once in a while.

Why you ask? all the events? GABS? a chance to hang out with degenerates? well yes, all of the above but it also yielded a bunch of great one-off beers. Brewers from around the world showed up, grabbed a local brewer and made a beer. It was kind of like doing bush dancing at primary school. Kind of confusing, music and people going everywhere, sort of dancing, sort of in time with the music “grab your partner by the hand”… well you get the idea, actually I’m not sure I do any more.

I just digressed in a big way.

So Good Beer Week produced a bunch of good time and a bunch of good beers. The good times were there and then, but the good beers are a little longer lived. Right now I’m drinking one of them – Freaks and Geeks by Moon Dog and Beer Here.

We know a bit about Moon Dog, they make mental but great beers right here in Melbourne next door to a knock shop. Beer Here, hmm who the fuck are they? I think I’ve had one of their beers before but really can’t remember, and they are from Denmark. Good on them. I’m looking at finding them on the web right now but all that I can find is Danish sites, not really much use. I have also found a site in the UK that has beer for sale. I don’t think its related to the brewer.

The beer is a farmhouse ale. Now that’s not really a style, I think its kind of a wink to a saison of sorts with some influence from sour beers. It’s also got a caramel and smoke character that could almost be a hint of a single malt, but mostly its a sweet, kind of sour or tangy dark beer in the mould of a saison. It has been fermented with I think a yeast that I’ve used a few times to pretty good  result, the Wyeast Farmhouse, kind of a dummies version of a saison yeast. Its a farily smooth beer too, big on the malt, british malt, oats, peat malt, rye malt, dark wheat, munich and flaked oats. Thats almost a stout malt bill, just missing the roast/black barley.

Its also 7.6% ABY, but you wouldnt know it. Considering I’ve had a coopers red (and may have another after this) I wi

Hang on Jason is here to pick up his boots.

OK so about an hour later I’m back after having a beer and a yarn with Jason, and I’ve completley forgotten what line of thought I was on RE the rather wonderful colaboration beer from Moondog and Beer Here. Therefore I think I’ll call it quits and leave this post here. Really should try and remember where I was headed with this? Ah well if you know any more about Beer Here other than they are from Denmark and made a beer with Moondog let me know.

Cheer D

PS – go to the Moon Dog website for more info on the beer, they know more about it than I do




One thought on “Freaks and Geeks

  1. ME: Belgian Pale Ale pours a copper color with the head and carbonation level you’d expect from a mass produced product. The nose is clean with hints of malt, but I don’t get any of “subtle hop aroma” the label says I should be getting from the cascade addition. Really this beer promises a lot, a delivers nothing. The flavor is more of the same, nothing amazing that you can pull out and say “hey, look at this!” Just tame and mediocre. Someone with a better palette might be able to pull out the hibiscus, and indeed I get a little something interesting in there, but not to the level that really takes the beer to another level.

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