Old Fart

Old Fart!

No I’m not yelling at you, that’s what I’m drinking, a beer called Old Fart, a beer brewed in the United Kingdom (that’s what it says on the bottle). This beer is some kind of bitter or english pale, malt driven, a little bit roasty. It has been brewed apparently in honor of cranky old bastards everywhere.

I wonder if this means I shouldnt be drinking it unless I am a cranky old fart? perhaps I am a cranky old fart? do other cranky old farts enjoy this beer?

The beer is kind of nice but a little underwhelming. Its ok, in an old fart kind of way, and it went pretty well with the Thai chicken curry I had for dinner. The curry was pretty good. Oh and I kind of like the lable.

Ah well that’ll do for now, might have another crack at working out why Facebook has locked me out and wants me to upload some ID. Be buggerd if I’ll be doing that, why would I have an electronic version of some ID?

Stupid morons at arsebook.

Cheers D




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