American Bison IPA…..another belated IPAday post

I know, again this is a late post that harks back to IPAday, but it was a beer that was given to me on IPAday and its a IPA so damn it I’m going to write about it. It’s an American IPA of sorts by Rick Besserdin, as previously mentioned he made an online offer to give away beer then had to follow through and drag a suitcase of beer around town. I think I got the last one. I think I am a deserving recipient though as the beer was bottled on my birthday, June 25.

So to the beer, American Bison IPA a 7.6%ABV beer with a calculated IBU of 65 (no idea how he calculated that one, hope he has beer smith or something, bugger doing maths) hopped with Cascade and Simcoe hope (the simcoe were in the dry hop I believe). It’s a pretty good beer, and as an IPA should be its dominated by the hops, especially the simcoe I think, its pineapple and citrus. Hangs around in the mouth with a nice lingering resiony hit. It’s a bit lacking in the malt bill, not at all a full beer, more the style of my preference rather than those gut busting under fermented beers. I’m quite curious as to the recipe of this beer (Rick if you read this shoot me the recipe).

The bits of this beer that I can be a little critical off is the lack of a good hop aroma, something I struggle to get in my IPA’s. It’s the bit that eludes me, I think a hop back is the answer, in combination with dry hopping of course but I really struggle to get right consistently. It’s also a little light on the up front bitterness, I think more would not only make the beer bigger but also balance it out a bit. It’s a totally drinkable beer though, as I’m on my second pint of it, that’s a good enough sign for me, it also went well with steak and mash (not sure if thats an A1 IPA food and beer matching)

Also big thumbs up to Rick for sharing his beer, not an easy thing to do, but by far the best thing to do to make yourself a better brewer. Well OK there are some other things you can do like making yeast starters, going all grain and controlling your fermenting temperatures. But sharing your beer and getting feedback is totally a good thing on the path to better beer.

So when I next have an IPA that’s worth sharing Rick gets a bottle, the rest of you I don’t think so, be buggered if I’m carting a suitcase of beer around town.

Cheers D

2 thoughts on “American Bison IPA…..another belated IPAday post

  1. Hey Darren, Thanks for the feedback. I’ve done a similar brew every year for the last few years, and I seem to change it every time. It used to be more malty with a higher FG, but lately I’ve been swapping some of the malt for dextrose, as I felt it was getting too thick.
    A hop back would improve it. I will have to test it over the next couple of months to see what needs tweaking. May I should up everything for next year’s batch?

    • koongara says:

      My thoughts would be back off the dextrose a bit (what % is it?) and up the bittering hops a bit. Nice beer though, just a little more body, and a little more bitterness, but keep that dry hop!

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