Well I was going to review a beer…..

But now I’m not. The beer I’m drinking just isn’t exciting me and I’m not really in the mood for tapping away spouting negative things about a beer. It’s not a bad beer, just not something I want to write about as it doesn’t really reflect on the beer. And I do recal someone once saying if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

I guess I’m just in a good mood, back from the brink of my terrible brew day on the weekend. Maybe it was the chicken curry I cooked for dinner. Maybe it was the new job I’ll be starting in a few weeks. It could even be the Olympics on TV despite the dud of f job Chanel 9 is doing (OK that was a bit negative but they deserve it, can the interviews show the bloody sport!).

So back to the brew debacle of the weekend; equipment failure is the perfect excuse for buying new equipment.

The mouse proof plastic tub is a no brainer, a trip to bunnings and a BBQ snag and that will be sorted.

The thermostat is a little more of a thought process, I can get one ( an stc 1000) of any number of Ebay retailers for about $30 but I have to wire it myself. A pre wired one is about $100 at least. Since my last wiring attempt caught fire I may go for the professionally done one. My wiring did however last for 5 years. I think I’ll see if my mate Fizzy can do it, he is an apprentice sparky after all?

Now to the plate chiller. I’ve thrown the question into Facebook and so far have a couple of answers, neither of them involve buying a new plate chiller. First from Ferg was to cook the old one in the oven for an hour or so then soak it in PBW. Good idea, turn all the organic material to ash then soak in PBW to loosen it out. I think that could just work, but I don’t get to buy some new gear then. Then to Ian’s idea is to go no chill. Good idea but I don’t think it’s for me thanks to the logistics of needing to pitch the yeast before I do the 2 hour trip back to Melbourne. Love the idea but it’s not for me.

I think I’ll have a crack at the oven technique. I’ve cleaned out my plate chiller before with PBW and acid, and a shit load of hot water and blowing the thing out but its never got it back to flowing as it should before. It may be time for a new one. If I do go for a new one its down to 2 options in my mind;

  1. Mash Master 30 plate. At only about $130 this looks the goods, it’s the bigger version of the one I’ve used for the past 5 years.
  2. Blichmann Therminator. I really like the Blichmann gear, like my beer gun and hop rocket but this is way more expensive (about double)and I really dont know if its worth it? not sure how to figure that one out.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on the plate chiller option let me know. Will be still thinking for a week or two and would really appreciate some other minds on the job. Other suggestions are also welcome, if you know a better plate chiller let me know, just needs to be better than the Mash Master 20 plate I currently use.

Anyway go do something nice.

Cheers D

PS – I wonder how my IPA is going?


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