No Zen

So I brewed yesterday. An English IPA, lots of East Kent Goldings and Fuggles hops, English malt, all the good stuff. I hadn’t brewed for months si I was really looking forward to it. I needed to get my Zen on.

Little did I know that it would fail so well.

So I got away a little later than I wanted to, no real stress, just meant I’d be late home.

Then I discovered that one of the large plastic tubs that I keep some of my brewing gear had a hole in it. I discovered this by finding mouse shit everywhere. It had been moved and somehow a hole got knocked in it. That let the mice in, and that’s why I had to spend a bunch of time cleaning mouse shit of brewing gear. That was -1 on the zen scale.

Next bit of fun was my plate chiller seems to be blocked. I found this out mid way through chilling. I also had to first check that my hop back wasnt blocked, it wasnt but the added resistance meant that my pump wouldnt handle both it and the plate chiller. So I got to deal with hot wort, wasted hops, and a really slow runoff time. It should have taken 25 minutes, it took over an hour. Really not fun.

But the next bit was perhaps the most entertaining. All cleaned up, everything put away, just had to hook up the temperature control gear and pitch the yeast. All was going well, I was in the clear until I plugged in the digital temp control unit. This is a simple digital thermostat that I wired up myself several years ago. Somehow in moving I must have loosened a wire, not sure how but it had a less than desired effect. I switched on the thermostat. Nothing happened. I shook it. Then sparks, crackles, and flames. Needless to say I switched it off.

I then pitched the yeast, and simply plugged the heat pad in. The beer is fermenting in a cold shed, the farm workshop where we park the truck and generally fix stuff. I have no idea of the ferment temp, it’ll average out at something like 18-22 I hope but I really don’t know. After the brew day I had I kinda don’t care. The only problem is that this will probably be one of the best beers I’ve ever made and I’ll never be able to replicate it. Or it will suck.

For the benefit of the few readers that may come across this blog I have omitted the large amounts of swearing that occurred in this brew day. At one stage I had to ask my Dad to leave so I don’t think it would be ok to share that kind of language with the blogosphere. Fuck I was cranky.

So that was my brew day. Very little zen, no good at all, at least the beer still has a hope of being ok.

Such a shit brew day, so little zen yet I still hit all my numbers more or less. How strange.

Looks like I’ll be buying a new plastic storage tub, a new thermostat controller, and a new place chiller. And perhaps and Enya CD.

Cheers D



2 thoughts on “No Zen

  1. So the next batch might be a little crunchy?

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