Let there be Zen! Brewing this weekend

Its been a big week, I gave notice from my job this week, I’m off to the footy tomorrow and I’m brewing on Sunday. The Zen will return. I’m brewing an English style IPA. I think I’ll call it Resignation.

The recipe – Resignation IPA

7500g Simpsons Marris Otter Pale Malt, 600g Joe White Munich, 70g Simpsons Crystal, 200g wheat malt. Hops (at this stage) equal parts Fuggles and Goldings – 20g each first wort hopped, 30g each at 5minutes, 22g each in the hop back. Or something like that, I may add more to go past the 40 ish IBU that should give me. Mashed at something like 63 deg C, and I think I’ll add some gypsum, and maybe a bit of sugar (no more than 5%). All fermented with a Nottingham yeast unless something else takes my eye at Grain and Grape tomorrow.

Bring on the Zen, and some beer. I have not brewed for a long time, hope I remember how to do it.

Cheers D



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