Brewery shopping

No beer to write about tonight.

Not drinking a beer.

Not a recipe for a beer.

Not talking about a bar.

Today I did some shopping of sorts, for a second-hand brewery. I probably shouldnt really call it shopping, more looking with a hopeful attitude and an open mind.

It wasnt what I’d call perfect, but then something that someone else has custom-built with a different focus seldom is. It had both good points and not so good points. equipment, volume, layout, location, branding, process, it seems they are all something that personal taste or opinion play a strong role in, well for me at least.

I started this blog as a bit of a play on words, as I do want to have my own beer/brewery, but I also just like to write about beer, brewing and the odd general rant. I think the want in me to get something beer related that’s more than just homebrew going is needing to get kicked up a gear. I mean the homebrew stuff is still fun, the competitions are fun, oh and I need to brew soon, need some Zen, and I was rather chuffed to have a pro brewer ask for an invite to the next Dazzapalooza but it’s just a hobby. I’d like to make it real.

I don’t think this brewery was for me, great to look at but its somebody elses dream. Not mine. Back to the drawing board, and beyond with a little more effort and focus from me I think.

And I do have a little block of wheat in, I wont be able to use it all in my homebrew rig. I’m going to need a bigger brewery, or at least a loan of one.

Cheers D




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