Sheepshaggers gold, a beer from Fizzy

I had a birthday a few weeks ago, this saw me generally spoilt over a weekend where we ate and drank stuff all weekend.  Not all of this was due to my birthday, but it was a good weekend anyway. As you do on birthdays I received a number of gifts, some of them in beer form at the Taphouse in StKilda. I also got a couple in takeaway form from a mate called Fizzy, one of which I’m drinking right now.

Sheepshaggers Gold from the Cairngorm Brewery, apparently in the Highlands of Scotland. They say the beer is a “light golden almost lager style” and that its “the best beer baa none”.  I’m not sure what an almost lager is, as best I know a beer either is a lager or it is an ale. As they are not calling this a lager I will assume that this is an ale, a light one albeit that has a nice bit of a malt character. As for it being best baa none, unfortunately I think this beer may have sat on the shelf (or in the shipping container) for to long, its got a bit of a stale-ish taste to it. Shame I think it might have been a nice beer (OK it’s still drinkable).

I do like the label, its cheesy and has everything going for it that says this wont be a great beer, a bit like the way people talk about wine with pictures of animals on the bottles. And I guess I do work in the sheep industry so it’s an apparent no brainer to buy this beer for me.

Thanks Fizzy, cheers for the beer. But I didn’t really need the phone call at 1.45am on Saturday night, neither did Jugga at 1.40pm. Where the hell did you go after we left Flinders St Station?

Cheers for the beers Fizzy.

Cheers D

STOP – What the fuck! Fizzy you bastard I’ve just looked at their website and apparently this is a Vegetarian Beer! I feel somehow cheated and dirty. No beer should need to say its Vegetarian, its beer for fucks sake, there is no meat in it, just some little things like fish proteins for finings but thats not meat. A little angry with this beer now. Screw you Vego’s!

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