Nogne Saison

Well that wasnt a difficult choice, a brewery that I like, Nogne, makes a style of beer that I like, Saison. Sometimes things just work. How could I not buy and like this beer?

I’m going to start with the wrong end of this beer, the one thing I don’t like about it, it’s a little high on the booze at 6.5% abv. Thats higher than I think a saison should be, yes it’s my personal thing, how can a farm worker do a hard day at it when drinking booze like this all day? OK but this one is a good beer so I’ll let it off.

Whats good about it? its got a good spicy flavor and that definite funky yeast hit. The malt gets is there but with that grainy dryness that makes for a good saison. The carbonation is there, nice and fresh. All round this beer is dry, drinkable, nice little bit of hops, nice big bit of yeast funk. I declare this a good saison. They also have both barley and wheat in the malt bill, something else that I highly agree with.

All round well done Nogne, however you pronounce your brewery name.

Now to my photo. I have been following the Whole Larder Love blog for a bit, hunting, cooking, foraging and some pretty cool photos. Rohan often takes photos of things on a board with a knife and some veg. Thought I’d give it a crack, seems to work for his blog.

Enjoy people


2 thoughts on “Nogne Saison

  1. Stu says:

    Terrible lable. Very forgetable. Now to your comment about farmers not being able to hold their grog!…ok I’m not a good example. Especially not with old age. See you on the 20th.

  2. koongara says:

    let me clarify what I mean about booze levels in saisons and how that interacts with farmers.

    Saisons were originally brewed to give to the farm workers to drink (so the story goes, cleaner than the water and had some nutritional content). If you feed 6-8% beer to farm workers all day, actually any workers all day their is a good chance productivity may fall. To give an example of this I saw you consume several higher than normal ABV beers at Dazfest a year or so ago. Not only were you not much good late in the day, but judging from the heaving sounds coming from my bathroom the next day you also would have been late for work.

    Hence I dont think a traditional saison would have been a big booy beer. Dosent mean those interpretations of the style are any less of a beer or that farmers cant hold their booze, perhaps with you as the exception :).

    Hope that clarify things a bit, and yes beers on the 20th

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