Cradle mountain

Just a quick check in from the guests lounge at the Cradle Mountain Lodge. Fire is roaring and the beer is cold. Not much of a beer lovers paradise here but the Boags Wizard Smith is cold and welcomed after wandering up and down hills over the past few days. After big and relatively challenging hikes over the past couple of days we took it easy today, short walk, long lunch, time in front of the fire. You have to remember that it’s a holiday, not an expedition. This was clearly demonstrated by the people, mostly overseas tourists hiking in ugboots carrying handbags. Not all that practical but it looked comfy.

I’ll probably write something more beer focused, thanks to a chance visit to Willie Simpsons Seven Sheds Brewery at Railton, I have a few bottles of his beers that are yet to be cracked. I might need one this arvo, but some will make it back with me to Melbourne. I might also do something more on the hiking, we did some fairly hard hikes, through snow, over ice, up chains, nothing that would have phased Bear grills though.

Time to go back to relaxing. Nothing planned this arvo other than some more beers and sitting by the fire. Might say g’day to the wombats and wallabies but only if they come to me, no more hiking today I think.

Better go now, someone is ruining the fire, I think I need to fix this.

Cheers D

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