Fly Fishing, where to start?

I have decided that I am going to learn how to fly fish.

This is something that has come to me over the past month or so. Watching Robson Green on extreme fishing. Hearing someone talk about the old D Gen production – “A River Somewhere“. Catching references to fly fishing on the “Whole Larder Love” blog. its something about the rhythm, the serenity, and all the cool gear. Mates somewhere doing manly things and clocking up reasons for a couple of beers, and a steak or a parma. Manly stuff.

I’m off on holidays tomorrow, I was looking to find somewhere with fly fishing. No go, we are out of season for Tasmania it seems.

However I have now got some mates on board. It seems that I have a couple of mates in join me in fly fishing, the only problem is none of us know how. It seems that we are all in on the idea that it’s a good thing. Get some cool gear, escape once in a while with a great cover all the while camping and having a few beers.

So where do I start? do I get lessons? what kind of gear do I need? do I need one of those hats or vests that I put my flys in?

Who do I talk to what do I do? any help would be appreciated.

Oh and dont worry, I’m going to keep brewing and this wont become a fishing blog.

I’m off on holidays now.

Cheers D


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