Where to start?

I’ve been slack on posting but busy on everything else. This has involved many dull non interesting things. Doing budgets at work. Travelling to Canberra for work, and no not going to the Wig and Pen as suggested by everyone, just one solitary Coopers Pale at the Rydges Capitol Hill, a hotel with a small jungle in its centre. Shopping for stuff. Going to my nieces 3rd birthday, actually that was cool, kids and sugar. Generally doing stuff.

There was also some pretty cool stuff that involved drinking plenty of good beers. The list goes something like this;

Monday – beers with a colleague from Canberra at the Belgian Beer Cafe under the Eureaka Tower. A surprisingly good list on the taps, can’t really remember them all. I do recall Holgate Temptress and the smoked beer from 3 Ravens. There was also some good imported IPA and an Imperial Stout that wasnt at all appropriate for a Monday, I behaved it went untasted.

Thursday – Southern Bay Brewing beer launch at Dejavu, the bar formerly known as Biero. 3 new (well 2 new one newish) beers from Southern Bay Brewing, thanks to Hendo and his crew, a larger, a pale ale and a porter. The larger and the porter were ok, nothing to write home about, but still worth grabbing. I think there will be more tweaking to come on these beers, the porter was my favorite, kind of a session porter.

Friday – beers at The Turf Bar, Carlton draught while watching some footy and some competitive eating. 7 and a half parmas, don’t know how they did it.

Saturday – Louise’s 3rd birthday. Louise is my niece, there was cake, sausage rolls and a few bees knees floating around. It was most amusing when the kids found the hills hoist was also a climbing frame/ride. Oh to be 70kg lighter. Then to Huxtable for dinner, Alpha Queen Pale Ale. Good food, good friends, good beer.

Sunday – The Local Taphouse in StKilda. It was almost my birthday so we had a few beers. They had a bunch of the GABS leftovers on tap, interesting for me, may have left a few of my friends confused. Double Day of the Dead is still tasting good.

Monday – my actual birthday Jacqui took me to Golden Fields. Great food, mostly sandwich and mannish orientated with a few Kooindas.

That’ll do for now. Was a good run, couldnt live like that every week, but happy to have a crack at it once in a while. And that’s a post, was beginning to feel a little guilty for not having posted for a while. Better now.

Cheers D


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