StKilda West post no.2 – Black Heart Brewery

last night I wrote of my rookie mistake that resulted in a 35 minute wait for a so so burger. Tonight no such issue. I’m eating in.

I’ve dropped Jacqui off in the city for dinner with the girls, my steak is ready to be cooked and I have a couple of beers that I picked up from Cloud Wines in South Melbourne. The beer selection isn’t too bad there, its kind of a dumbed down version of Slow Beer (there is some kind of link up between the owners, I met one of them at the Tap House in  once but was fairly drunk so can’t remember the details). Great wine selection, and muscat for $11 a litre that is well worth a taste. Who doesnt like drinking straight out of the barrel.

Anyway one of these beers is an American Brown Ale from the Black Heart Brewery, apparently a new brewery in Brighton. I know bugger all about these guys, nothing in fact and the website gives little away about where or how they make the beer. About this beer they say ”

A big malt powerhouse with strong American hop aroma and a decadent lick of chocolate and caramel. Beer that can pass for dessert? Genius. 

5.6% Alc/Vol.

Best consumed in a glass.”

OK so what do I think of it? Well its an OK beer, brown to a point where it wouldn’t need much more colour to become black. Its ok, little thin, it has some hops but nothing that jumps out at me, this may be a freshness issue though?. My first smell of the beer was a metallic hit. Not really sure what that is, and I’m getting a bit of a yeast taste that I think is a US 05. Personally I wouldn’t have it for desert but I’d happily have a couple by a fire on a cold day. Dont bust yourself to find this beer but if you do see it, give it a go.

On a side note it gets some points for being in the 500ml bottle (Hendo!!) making it a good size beer to share and get an appreciation off.

Cheers D

PS – Nest beer – Moylans Hopsickle


2 thoughts on “StKilda West post no.2 – Black Heart Brewery

  1. Black Heart brew down in Brighton, there is some story about a backyard brewery. There is also some story about them being surgeons, so I’m guessing it might be a big backyard.

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