Andrews Burgers, a rookie mistake

So now I live East of the Westgate Bridge and even though I live in StKilda West I am probably no longer a westie.

First Friday night living in the East (I know it’s not really the east but it’s as East as I’ve lived). I had a couple of beers after work at the James Squire Brewhouse at the Portland in the city. Nice beers, but as my drinking partner had to get home in time for his son to go to bed I found myself heading home fairly early.

Jacqui is out to dinner with friends so what do I do for a feed? explore the local cuisine of course. A burger and  a hoppy beer seemed a good idea so I headed off to Albert Park to grab a burger from the renowned Andrews Burgers and an IPA from the Vintage Cellars. Firstly I had a false start, got there with no wallet. Take 2. Only after I ordered and paid for the burger (with the lot of course) did I ask “how long mate?” the response was 35 minutes. 35 for a burger??

Fuck, rookie mistake no.1

Oh well, might as well go and pursue the beer at Vintage cellars, I remember them having a decent list as does the one in Yarraville. Bad assumption, rookie mistake no.2

I ended up getting some Ferral Hop hog, in my mind the best readily available IPA in Australia. The nearest other beer was Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Safe to say I’ll need to find a better local good beer shop. I’ll figure that out.

Now the beer is good, we all know that so I wont elaborate but the burger. Well it was ok, but not worth a 35 minute wait. It’s just a good standard fish and chip shop burger, I think the guys a the old “Mr Squeezy” on Bay St in Port Melboure used to make a better burger (it has been renamed but the shop is still there). I’m not really getting why people rave about them so much, and the chips werent that good. I would have another one, but I wont be waiting 35 minutes.

So if you feel like a burger and an IPA and don’t have 35 minutes, buy the beer then go to the McDonald’s drive through, the burger will be shit but you’ll be having your beer a lot sooner.

Cheers D

4 thoughts on “Andrews Burgers, a rookie mistake

  1. Stu says:

    Bit like my FB post – don’t pay big bucks for something that wont perform….! I hope now that your co habitating that Jaq can cook a mean burger – after all you have the IPA part of the deal under control.

  2. 35 minutes – you got off lightly – Try going to Andrews on a hot summer evening – you’ll be waiting at least 60 minutes for a burger, I have been told ‘at least and hour and half mate’ in the past.

    As for bottleshops, well albert park is a wasteland, but Sth Melb is okay – Prince and Cloudwine both near the corner of clarendon and bank. Or of course Swords at Sth Melb Market.

    • koongara says:

      who waits an hour and a half for a burger? as for the bottle shops I think Blackheart and Sparrows is near by too. Will be looking into it. With both the Prince and Cloudwines I like them but always feel that its just an add on to the wine bits, which it is, they dont give beer the recognition that I’d like

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