Farewell yazzle dazzle (otherwise known as Yarraville)

I’m having a beer right that I should be blogging about, it’s some sort of collaboration between 8 wired, Renascence (I think I’ve spelled that wrong) and Nogone (yep that one too) called O is for Awesome. Nice beer, Imperial Amber, bit more like a US brown. Nice beer. Like I said I should be writing about it but I’m too buggered after moving over the past couple of days. Who knows how many times I walked up and down stairs.

I now live in StKilda West after 3 or so years in Yarraville, otherwise known as the Village or yazzle dazzle. Actually I don’t think anyone calls it yazzle dazzle except for Crackas and Sal. I think I picked it up from living with them. That was how I came to live in Yarraville, a relationship went pear-shaped and they were kind enough to offer me their spare room, put up with my random mess and home brewing and generally keep me sane. I also became good friends with their dog Pardo, a great dane, and was reminded just how bad of a cook Crackas was. Musrooms, consume, meat past its used-by, cornflake crumbs and some chinese cooking wine does not make a meal.

This emergency exit plan, found me in Yarraville. And I loved it. I lived in Yarraville for over 3 years, mostly in a little apartment that nearly had trains running through it. Not an ideal brewing environment but that more beer came out of that little apartment than is probably legal. It was only a couple of minute walk to the train station. Same to a good coffee (Wee Jeanie and the Corner Shop), good bread (at the surprisingly good little Foodworks), and an awesome butcher (Andrew you know who you are, I will still be getting my Christmas ham from you), the Blarney Stone Irish Pub, the Sun Theatre, and numerous weirdos. For a while I may have been one of the weirdos, but my Zen is back.

Now I’m moving on and out.

I liked Yarraville, but its time to move, back over the Westgate bridge. Thankyou Yarraville, I’d like to think I’ll be back some day.

Cheers D


2 thoughts on “Farewell yazzle dazzle (otherwise known as Yarraville)

  1. salwhite says:

    What’s wrong with my cooking, A-hole?

    Ok, the miso risotto was terrible. I grant you that.

    And that polenta bake, where I actually invented a new type of mortar.

    And that mush that Pardo wouldn’t eat..

    But apart from that you were generally in for a treat. Inventive, tasty and nutritious meals, I should think. At least aknowledge there was more hits than misses, anyway….

    PS: you forgot the ginger. Smart-ar$e


    • koongara says:

      the ginger! how could I forget the ginger, ah how it combines with mushroom, consume and mush. No Marku, the fails have the win I am able to inform you. I think there were occasions that Pardo’s tube of Chubb was more appealing

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